Russian Brides: The Reality and Risks

In a busy modern society, people can easily encounter people from any country. If you are lucky to encounter some pretty Russian girls you will be surprised how smart and wonderful they are. Their natural beauty and charisma. Many foreigners are excited to them, and start using different matrimonial services and online dating websites. These tools help to find profiles of single members. Each of them has a profile with photos, interests, hobbies, and other descriptions that are important when you are looking for a decent person. In this article, you will learn where to find them and what you can expect from these women for marriage.

Where Do Russian Wives Live?

Generally, people know at least something about the homeland of Russian mail order brides, but in most cases, it is some stereotypes. If you wish to understand better Russian singles and impress them, then this information may be very helpful for you. Russia is the largest country in the world. Thus, you will find everything you want. Wonderful and snowy mountains, green forests, marvelous rivers but the most important are amazing people. Long history could create a unique culture and preserve traditions.

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Ways to Encounter Russian Mail Order Brides

Nowadays it is not so difficult to find some Russians even in your city. They may simply visit your country or have come due to relocation or work. Therefore, you will be able to easily meet them. However, in most cases, women are already married and your chances to find a single woman are not high. Thus, you may try to use other ways to encounter them.

Online Dating Sites

The online dating industry has greatly increased in recent years. You can easily find on the internet multiple websites where people try to find their love. They are suitable for serious and casual relationships. Some of them are specifically oriented to users from a specific country. Such Russian wife finder platforms aim to gather as much as possible Russian girls who are trying to find someone. Any man can use them to get in touch with Russian beauties.

If you would like to use something more convenient, then you should try out mobile applications. They allow easily to search for people in your area or in a specific country and city. Among Russian mail-order brides apps for smartphones are quite popular.

The main advantage of such dating platforms is that in most cases you will need to upgrade your membership by getting a subscription plan. Very often free members cannot send messages and interact with other users properly.

Matrimonial Services

In case you have tired of trying to find someone for a serious mutual future by yourself, you can use matrimonial services. Their main goal is to connect two people for marriage. As many matrimonial agencies are international, it may be not so complicated to find a Russian bride.

In order to start using it, you will need to create your profile with photos, personality description, which includes, hobbies, interests, occupation, skills, and anything that you would like to mention. Then, the service will try to find someone who matches. Sometimes, you can check profiles of other clients from the whole database by yourself to pick someone.

When there is a Russian mail order bride, who seems to be a suitable candidate, the matrimonial service will provide information about that person and you will be able to go on a rendezvous. If everything is fine, you will start wonderful serious relationships and create a family together. Such assistance with marriage is more professional, which means that you may spend more money on finding your Russian wife. In general, people start to use matrimonial services only they could not find someone by themselves for a long time.

Meeting Personally

Despite matrimonial services and online dating sites, foreign men prefer to encounter Russian girls for marriage by themselves. It is a classical way, which is always open to everyone. The most important thing is that you simply need to visit Russia.

As people are hospitable and open, you should not afraid of approaching them. If you want to find a nice Russian bride for serious relationships, then use daytime for searches. By going to places like parks, libraries, museums, malls, cafes, and cinemas may easily meet some exciting personalities. In addition, Russian people practice their language skills at Speaking Clubs. It can be any foreign language like English, French, German, and Chinese. Foreigners are very welcomed at such events as they are native speaks.

If you just want to have fun with a local girl, then nightclubs and pubs in the evening will help you with that. Many girls at expensive places expect to receive some free drinks from men or win one of the wealthy foreigners.

Why Do Russian Mail-Order Brides Prefer Foreigners?

It is true that in recent years, more and more Russian mail-order brides have started to use the services of matrimonial agencies. There are reasons that motivate or even force them to do so. By learning about them, you will know what to expect from relationships that you develop with girls from matrimonial services.

True Love

Many of Russian mail order brides hope to encounter real love. Foreigners are more romantic and have gentleman manners. As many matrimonial services are international, Russian brides are able to meet men from abroad, develop some romantic relationships, and even create a wonderful family.


Not every Russian mail order bride is satisfied with living in the native town. Moving to another place is a great adventure full of wonderful moments. The easiest way to relocate is to find a good person from abroad. It does not mean that you cannot have mutual love, but without knowing the true intention of the person, you never know how your relationships will develop.

Local Men

In order to be happy in relationships, you simply need to find a decent person. However, when local men not always are suitable candidates. Domestic violence and alcoholism are the most popular reasons that Russian wives often face. Therefore, single girls become Russian mail-order brides at different international services to encounter foreigners, who do not have such problems.


It is not a big surprise that women may be eager to find some rich foreign men. As matrimonial agencies do always not know the true intentions of their customers, there is a chance to encounter them. Not every Russian mail order bride is successful but employed. However, to reach some success, these girls may need some assistance.

The Beauty of Russian Women For Marriage

While using online matrimonial services and dating platforms the main advantage is that, you can review photos. You will find beautiful Russian women, who can be very different. Russia is very large, and many ethnic minorities live there. If you want to get a Slavic wife, you should pay more attention to the features of appearance. They have more pale skin with blue and green eyes. The hair can be of any color. However, Russia has the largest number of redhead people. Speaking about body shapes, you will find slim and somewhat round figures. In addition, you will find both short and tall girls.

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Character Peculiarities of Russian Mail-Order Brides

With modern technologies and services, it is much easier to find someone for a serious relationship. Matrimonial agencies and dating websites offer large databases of profiles to choose from. However, while checking them, men mostly pay attention only to photos. If you wish to marry someone, then the inner world of the person should have a higher priority. Every Russian mail order bride is different, but still, you can notice some common features among people of the same country. Therefore, you will find some common character traits that will help you to understand them better.


One of the main requests from single foreigners at matrimonial services is to get a smart woman. As a result, agencies often offer Russian mail order brides. With a wonderful educational system, these girls have nice possibilities for higher education. Studying foreign languages is also very common. However, you may not always find someone who speaks English well, as they learn other foreign languages too.


In Russian society, traditional family values are properly preserved. Women often stay at home in order to care about children and home, while men work hard at work. Connection with family is strong, and for main celebrations in the years, it is important for everyone to gather.

With a caring nature, Russian brides become wonderful mothers. They do their best in order to be sure that children are happy. In addition, any parents have more than one kid


The situation with religion in Russian is very diverse. The dominant part consists of Christians of Russian Orthodoxy. Religious minorities including Muslims, Buddhists, believers who do not adhere to any religion, atheists, and others represent another part. Depending on the religion you may face some difficulties. For believers, religion plays a very important role and in most cases, they will not be ready to change it.


If you are lucky to establish some strong relations with a Russian mail order bride. then you may worry less about other men. Russian women remain faithful even there are some hardships, as they believe that overcoming problems together, make relationships better.


In developing relations, Russians are jealous. Even in strong relationships, they do not like when other girls talk with their men. It is due to the fear of losing a person they like. Not all of them are severely jealous, but it is not rare.


Customs and traditions are quite important to them. With a rich culture, they consider it is necessary to celebrate family holidays with family, even when you should travel some distance. It is quite widespread even among the younger generation.


You may not afraid of approaching local girls. Russians are friendly and hospitable. Speaking with foreigners is even more exciting for them. By a simple visit to this country, you will be able to make new friends and stay in touch with them for many years.


In a large country and there are many places where to go. Local people often spend time outside. Hiking and camping are popular activities and with wonderful nature around it is even more exciting.


Almost every Russian bride is a dreamy and romantic personality. With a sentimental nature, it is not so difficult for foreigners to impress them. They do not expect large gestures of attention from local men. Thus surprises can easily make them happy.

Recommendations On Dating Russian Women

Knowing the character peculiarities of these brides before starting relationships, gives you advantages in better understanding and knowing what to expect. However, even after reading profile info from matrimonial agencies, you may not be ready for actual dating. These tips will help you to make a better impression on girls.

Be Punctual

Russian mail-order brides value time. They do not like to be late and that is what expected from you.

Honesty Is Important

For proper relationships, people should be honest. It allows to discuss different topics without lying and avoiding unnecessary quarrels.


If you want to impress a Russian single then you should bring a gift. As it is just a way to show your attention, it does not mean to be something very expensive. Try to figure out her favorite flowers and bring them, for the next date.

Be an Attentive Listener

Communication is important as it helps to develop proper relationships. However, the most important part is to be an attentive listener. Russian mail order brides may tell you about different things, which you should remember.

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