Mail Order Brides: Full Guide on How to Find a Wife of Your Dream Online

Embarking on the fascinating journey of mail order brides, this industry boasts a staggering global worth of over $2 billion annually. Beyond the financial statistics lies a captivating tale of love that traverses borders, encompassing agency fees, travel expenses, and heartfelt connections. From initial introductions to navigating legal procedures, the pursuit of love through mail order arrangements unfolds with an average cost ranging from $10,000 to $15,000. Join us as we delve into the complex landscape of cross-border relationships, where love intertwines with the intriguing dynamics of investment, emotion, and the quest for genuine connection.

❤️ Success rate~73%
💻 Best Mail Order Bride Sites AsianMelodies, AmourFactory, LatinFeels, TheLuckyDate
💰 Average cost of a mail order bride$2,000 – $15,000
🌍 Popular countries with bridesUkraine, Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil
⌛ Average age of brides28 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate~35%

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Alexandra 28 y.o.
Grace 24 y.o.
Darya 26 y.o.
Fitness coach
Duangkamol 27 y.o.
Suzume 23 y.o.
Hong Kong
Chō 23 y.o.
Hong Kong
Ariana 25 y.o.
Katherine 26 y.o.
Clara 30 y.o.
São Paulo
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What is the Meaning of Mail Order Bride?

mail order girlfriend

In the past, a “mail order bride” referred to a woman seeking marriage with a man from a different country, often arranged through catalogs or agencies. However, the term’s meaning has changed over time. Today, it’s less common due to its associations with transactional relationships. Contemporary mail order bride platforms now connect people globally, emphasizing genuine connections and shared values rather than merely economic stability or immigration opportunities. Individuals seek compatibility and companionship, aiming to build meaningful relationships regardless of geographic boundaries. While some may still seek partners abroad for various reasons, the focus remains on finding a genuine connection and building a life together based on mutual respect and understanding.

Why Women Choose to Become Mail Order Brides?

The decision of women to become mail order brides is a multifaceted phenomenon influenced by a range of factors. From economic hardships and cultural expectations to challenges in finding compatible partners, each woman’s journey is shaped by unique circumstances. Here are some of them: 

Economic Realities:

  • Seeking financial stability.
  • Limited job prospects and low wages.

Family and Cultural Expectations:

  • Pressure to conform to traditional roles.
  • Meeting familial expectations or breaking societal norms.

Challenges in Finding Partners:

  • Limited options due to cultural or social restrictions.
  • Seeking compatibility in values and ambitions.

Empowerment through Choice:

  • Exercising agency for personal growth and independence.

Coping with Societal Pressures:

  • Liberation from societal norms about marriage and gender roles.

Cultural Exploration and Adventure:

  • Excitement in exploring new cultures and territories.

Real Mail Order Bride Story

Each woman’s story is unique, shaped by a myriad of circumstances and aspirations. While acknowledging the controversies and challenges associated with this phenomenon, it’s crucial to respect the autonomy and agency of these women, viewing their choices through a lens of empathy and understanding.

Mail Order Brides: Perspectives and Realities

Some mail order brides are from poor and underdeveloped countries. This is their great opportunity to find love, that is, a sincere and permanent man. All this can be done thanks to the high-level marriage agencies offering mail orders instead.

As a rule, mail order wives come from Asian and European countries, including the Philippines, Russia, and Ukraine. Many single women strive for irreplaceable and, above all, high-quality family life in more developed countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United States.

mail order bride

Wealthy and single foreign men who are interested in a mail order bride are often relatively self-sufficient and sober partners. They are most likely looking for a sincere and lasting relationship after a long search. Any foreign mail order bride strives for a successful marriage with serious and charming men.

In many cases, foreigners decide to order brides who are making ideal women. They find them from a less economically developed country. Any wife finder believes that such partners will serve them as loyal and obedient wives. Moreover, local women are quite self-willed and independent. Men choose mail order ladies from the catalogs of marriage agencies. Glorious mail order wives are often much younger than men by 20 or 30 years.

💖Most Popular Women Profiles in our Mail Order Bride Catalogue💖

Location Moscow, Russia
Age 26
Occupation Hairdresser
Hobbies Blogging
English level Intermediate
Location Da Nang, Vietnam
Age 28
Occupation Manager
Hobbies Blogging
English level Intermediate
Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Age 28
Occupation Cosmetologist
Hobbies Dancing
English level Upper Intermediate
Location Lviv, Ukraine
Age 29
Occupation Teacher
English level Upper Intermediate

History of Mail Order Brides

The concept of mail order brides has a rich history that spans centuries, evolving significantly from its origins to the present-day digital landscape. Understanding its evolution sheds light on the transformation from arranged marriages to the emphasis on genuine connections in the contemporary era.

Evolution of Mail Order Brides:

👫 Early Roots:

  • 1600s: Companies facilitated marriages for male settlers in regions like Virginia and New France.

💌 Emergence of New Practices:

  • Early 1900s: “Picture brides” emerged, exchanging photos by mail, notably seen in Japan.

🌏 Expansion of Agencies:

  • Late 1900s: Marriage agencies expanded, connecting Western men with mail order brides from Asia through catalogs.

🖥️ Transition to Online Platforms:

  • 2000s: Agencies moved online with the advent of the internet.

⚖️ Regulatory Measures:

  • IMBRA Act introduced in the 2000s aimed to protect the rights of mail order brides.

💖 Present-Day Landscape:

  • Current: The industry has evolved into a digital dating landscape, emphasizing genuine connections and mutual compatibility.

The Reality of Mail Order Bride Statistics

Mail Order Bride Statistic

Mail order bride marriages often defy expectations when it comes to divorce rates, particularly in comparison to countries where these brides originate from, such as Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. Despite high divorce rates in these regions, mail order marriages tend to show a different trend, a point we’ll explore further ahead.

Women hailing from these “mail order bride” regions tend to marry at younger ages compared to their counterparts in the United States. Additionally, they often embrace motherhood earlier in life.

Considering this, it’s notable that nearly half of mail order brides fall within the 21-25 age range, with the second-largest group comprising those aged 26-30, collectively making up more than 60% of mail order brides.

In 2021, countries like the Philippines, Mexico, and Ukraine stood out as the top destinations for mail order brides, far surpassing others in popularity.

The prevalence of interracial marriages, common in mail order bride unions, has steadily risen over the years. From just 7% in 1980, the number of intermarried newlyweds surged to 17% in 2015 and continues to grow.

The surge in online dating’s popularity is significantly impacting international marriages. More than half of K-1 visa applicants, the fiancé visa, report having met their partners through online platforms, dating sites, or mail order bride agencies, indicating the substantial influence of online connections in fostering these relationships.

mail order bride

Are Mail Order Bride Illegal?

Problems with mail order marriages have drawn close attention to the movement of the mail order brides within the USA. Are mail order brides legal? The International Marriage Brokers Regulatory Act imposes strict measures on the man who delivers mail order brides. For example, he will be ready to reveal his family background. He will be tested for sexual crimes, and a mail bride agrees to communicate with each man who wants to contact her.

Best Countries to Meet Your Future Wife

RegionCountriesKey Traits
🌏 Asia🇯🇵 Japan,
🇰🇷 South Korea,
🇨🇳 China
Intelligent, family-oriented, traditional values. Rich cultural history, emphasis on education and hard work.
🌎 Latin America🇧🇷 Brazil,
🇲🇽 Mexico
Passionate, love for life, music, and dance. Warm and affectionate, family-oriented customs, emphasis on physical touch and emotional connection.
🌍 Slavic Countries🇷🇺 Russia,
🇺🇦 Ukraine,
🇧🇾 Belarus
Elegant, sophisticated, value culture and adventure. Desire for lifelong companionship and stability. Love for art, fashion, music, and literature.
🌍 Europe🇫🇷 France,
🇪🇸 Spain,
🇩🇪 Germany
Worldly, independent, appreciation for finer things. Fashionable, cultured, well-traveled. Emphasis on feminism and progressive views, tendency towards reserved independence.

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In East Asia, including Japan, South Korea, and China, diverse cultural landscapes shape relationship dynamics. Online dating thrives, especially in the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Marriage typically occurs around age 28, with about 15,000 visas issued annually and a 15% divorce rate.

Platforms like AsianMelodies are recommended for meeting East Asian individuals, but caution is vital online. Stereotypes exist, portraying Vietnamese women as warm, Thais as nurturing, Filipinas as devoted, and Chinese women as adept at balancing family and career. Thai women’s higher education rates lead to more intercultural marriages. For Filipinas, marriage often entails immigration due to its social significance. These countries exhibit rich cultural nuances, influencing relationship norms within their unique contexts.

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Latin America

Latin America

Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico are vibrant Latin American countries known for their cultural richness and picturesque landscapes. Their average marriage age of 29 reflects a commitment to traditional values, attracting global interest in international dating. Around 7,000 visas are issued yearly for cross-cultural unions, yet the divorce rate sits at about 21%, highlighting the challenges of merging diverse backgrounds.

Latin women from these nations are highly sought after for their beauty and strong family values, making platforms like La-Date popular for meeting them. Intermarriage, especially in countries with gender imbalances like Mexico and Brazil, is common and mutually beneficial, fostering connections across cultures and promoting inclusivity. These countries serve as vibrant hubs where love transcends borders, celebrating diversity in human connections.

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Slavic Countries

Slavic countries

Top choices for dating include Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, with an average marriage age of 26 and approximately 2,000 visas issued annually. The divorce rate is 20%. BravoDate is recommended for meeting Slavic women. The preference for Eastern European countries in the post-USSR era is attributed to the appeal of Slavic women and shared values. Russia is a leading country for mail-order brides, and Belarus and Ukraine also see high immigration for relationships.

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France, Spain, and Germany offer varied dating experiences in Europe. While Eastern European nations like Poland, Hungary, and Romania are popular for finding partners, these Western European countries have their own appeal. The average marriage age is about 30, with around 3,000 visas issued yearly through the K-1 program for US-bound immigrants. Online dating sees 87 million users annually, with AmourFactory recommended for meeting European women. Scandinavia and Southwestern Europe also draw attention for romantic connections. Europe holds a 25% divorce rate, reflecting the complexities of relationships in these diverse cultures.

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How Much Does A Mail Order Bride Cost?

💸 Direct Financial Expenses

AspectDetailsCost (Approximate)
Online Dating ServicesMonthly subscription on mail order bride sites$100 per month
Location and TripsVisits to different countriesVaries widely
Time FactorDuration of dating and number of visitsVaries widely
VisasK-1 visa (fiancé/fiancée visa)About $1,200
Romance SpendingWedding expenses, gifts, etc.$50 to $30,000

🌍 Approximate Costs for Different Regions (Excluding Wedding)

RegionOnline Dating (Yearly)2 TripsFlightsVisaGifts & Romance SpendingTotal Average Cost (Excluding Wedding)
Eastern Europe$1,200$1,800 – $3,600$1,600 – $2,400$1,200$100 – $30,000$5,900 – $8,500
Latin America$1,200$800 – $2,000$1,800 – $4,000$1,200$100 – $30,000$5,100 – $8,500
Asia$1,200$1,600 – $4,000$1,800 – $4,000$1,200$100 – $30,000$5,900 – $10,500
Europe$1,200$2,200 – $7,000$1,000 – $2,000$1,200$100 – $30,000$5,700 – $11,500

💳 Other Expenses

  • Housing and Living Expenses: Rent/mortgage, utilities, and setup costs.
  • Education and Career Development: Further education or professional courses.
  • Travel and Leisure: Exploring the new country and leisure activities.
  • Long-Term Planning: Joint accounts, insurance, retirement plans, etc.
  • Family Support and Responsibilities: Contributions or responsibilities towards partner’s family.
  • Exchange Rates and Economic Factors: Fluctuations impacting expenses.
  • Professional Services: Legal, financial, or relationship counseling services.
  • Social Integration and Networking: Club memberships, events, networking expenses.
  • Transportation and Commuting: Vehicle costs, public transport expenses.
  • Health and Insurance: Healthcare costs, insurance coverage adjustments.

✈️ Additional Potential Expenses for Each Region

Eastern Europe

  • Language Learning: Investing in language classes or resources to facilitate communication. (Approx. $200 – $500)
  • Cultural Integration: Activities to better understand and integrate into local customs and traditions. (Approx. $100 – $300)
  • Legal Assistance: Costs for legal advice or assistance in navigating local regulations. (Varies widely, approximately $300 – $800)

Latin America

  • Travel and Safety Precautions: Expenses for travel safety measures, travel insurance, or vaccinations specific to certain regions. (Varies widely, approximately $100 – $500)
  • Outdoor Activities: Costs for exploring outdoor attractions or engaging in specific cultural activities. (Approx. $50 – $200)


  • Cultural Workshops: Participation in cultural workshops or events to better understand traditions. (Approx. $100 – $300)
  • Technology and Communication: Possible expenses related to technological communication differences or requirements. (Varies widely, approximately $50 – $200)


  • Urban Exploration: Costs for city tours or exploring historical landmarks. (Approx. $100 – $300)
  • Transportation: Specific expenses related to public transport or commuting in European cities. (Varies widely, approximately $50 – $200)

Buy a Wife Online: Calculate the Total Cost

Approximate mail order bride's cost is:

Best Dating Sites to Find Your Bride Online


607 people visited this site today
Most popular
  • 9.9

AsianMelodies stands as a prominent Asian mail order bride platform offering a diverse database of Asian women. This site provides a range of communication services aimed at fostering connections with individuals seeking companionship with Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and other Asian women. It also offers opportunities to connect with Indian women interested in relationships.

Pros ➕Cons ➖
Diverse User BasePotential for Fake Profiles/Catfishing
Advanced Matching AlgorithmsSubscription Costs
Convenient AccessibilityOverwhelming Number of Profiles
Detailed Profile InformationPrivacy Concerns
Varied Communication ToolsUnrealistic Expectations based on Profiles

🔥 Enticing Offers:

  • 💫 Introductory Deals: New members receive discounts or bonus credits.
  • 🎉 Seasonal Promotions: Special offers during holidays or occasions.
  • 🆓 Free Trials: Periodic access to premium features without cost.
  • 🌟 Bonus Credits: Rewards for registration or participation.
  • 🔄 Referral Benefits: Earn rewards by referring new members.
  • Limited-Time Features: Exclusive functionalities to boost engagement.


902 people visited this site today
  • 9.8

Today you can register on this mail order brides service. Fill out a profile and start chatting with the most charming and attractive girls in the world. The main thing is to take a right first step towards winning the bride’s heart. Choose the quality matrimonial service that offers the most benefits. LoveFort gives great opportunities to its clients. 

Global Reach: Access to diverse culturesPossibility of Scams: Fake profiles or scammers
Convenient communication without geographical limitsDependency on Technology for interaction
Matchmaking Algorithms for compatibilityCultural Differences in understanding and connection
Intent towards serious relationships or marriageSubscription Costs and additional fees for advanced features
Diverse options for personal preferencesLimited Authenticity in profiles

🔥 Special Offers:

  • 🆓 Free Registration: Signing up on the platform without initial charges.
  • ⏳ Trial Period: Access to limited features or a trial period to explore the platform before committing to a subscription.
  • 🖼️ Profile Creation Assistance: Help or guidance in creating an appealing profile to attract potential matches.
  • 🔍 Advanced Matching Algorithms: Utilizing sophisticated algorithms to enhance compatibility matching.
  • 💰 Introductory Discounts: Initial discounts or offers for new subscribers.


1035 people visited this site today
  • 9.8

BravoDate offers a platform tailored for those interested in international dating, particularly connecting with individuals from Russia and Slavic backgrounds. Their advanced search filters aim to help users find like-minded matches, fostering meaningful communication. However, it’s crucial to approach such platforms with caution, ensuring safety and mutual respect in interactions. Building genuine connections across cultures requires mindfulness and a respectful approach, prioritizing understanding and openness.

Pros ➕Cons ➖
Diverse Pool of IndividualsSafety Concerns: Potential for fake profiles
Advanced Search FiltersCultural Differences impacting communication
International ConnectionsSubscription Costs
Convenient CommunicationLimited Profile Verification

🔥 Special Offers:

  1. Free Trial: 🆓 Explore Bravodate with free sign-up and access to premium features.
  2. Discounted Memberships: 💰 Save up to 60% on membership plans.
  3. Free Credits: 🎁 Earn credits for completing tasks, ideal for trying out premium features.
  4. Holiday Promotions: 🎉 Special deals during holidays like Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving.
  5. Referral Program: 🤝 Invite friends, earn credits for each sign-up.

What Exactly are Mail Order Bride Services?

Let’s delve deeper into these services. Typically, they’re online dating platforms offered by specialized mail order bride websites or conventional dating sites. These platforms welcome women from prominent mail order bride countries and men from Western nations.

It’s important to note, these services aren’t about financial transactions. The only expenses involved are for communication tools like messaging, video calls, or phone calls. Their primary goal is to facilitate online connections among singles, fostering genuine relationships.

The subsequent stages heavily rely on the couple involved. While some agencies facilitate real-life meetings, often, a mail order bride and her prospective husband plan their own trips to meet in person. This allows them to decide if they’re prepared to move forward and commit to marriage.

asian mail order bride

How do Mail Order Bride Sites Work?

In the realm of modern relationships, international dating platforms have surged in popularity as a means to connect with potential partners across borders. Let’s delve into how these sites operate and explore the statistics that underscore their increasing prominence.

Understanding International Dating Platforms

International mail order bride sites serve as online platforms facilitating connections between individuals seeking relationships, often with someone from a different country. Commonly referred to as “mail order brides” or “grooms,” these platforms act as intermediaries, aiding users in connecting with potential partners. Users typically create profiles and utilize various tools on these sites, including advanced features like video calls and translation services to foster communication.

The Statistics Behind the Trend

Adults using online dating sites (Pew Research Center)201311%
Adults using online mail order bride services (Pew Research Center)201930%
Adults using dating sites or apps in the US (Pew Research Center)201912%
Online-initiated marriages in the US (The Knot)20171/3 of all marriages
Divorce rates in online-initiated marriages vs. traditional marriages (The Knot)2017Lower in online-initiated marriages

Variability and Importance of Research

It’s crucial to note that not all international dating platforms maintain the same standards. Some may house fake profiles or scammers, emphasizing the necessity of thorough research and perusing reviews before committing to a site. Selecting a platform that aligns with one’s preferences and has a proven success rate is essential for a safe and fruitful experience.

Exploring New Frontiers: Advantages of Mail Order Bride Sites

One of the primary advantages of these platforms is their ability to connect individuals who might not have crossed paths otherwise. They offer a gateway to diverse cultures, traditions, and lifestyles, enabling users to find like-minded partners and explore new horizons—all from the comfort of their homes.

How Successful Are Mail-Order Marriages?

Most American women who have had to deal with mail-order delivery are willing to work a lot at home and outside. For example, most Russian mail order brides have higher education. They can express their thoughts clearly and are guided by themselves. Charming mail order ladies are leaders to some extent. They are amazing and compelling. Mail orders are very family-friendly and supportive. Such ladies went to leave their countries in order to create a happy marriage, children, family, and future life in general.


As a result of their commitment, the number of free mail order brides is a small percentage compared to American women. Being happily married means being married to a mail order bride who is smart, educated, hardworking, beautiful, loves her spouse and children.

Success Stories from Mail Order Brides Sites

Success Story #1 Image
Ezekiel and Swetlana AmourFactory logo
Zekiel and Swetlana met on a dating site and instantly hit it off. After exchanging messages for weeks, they decided to meet in person. On their first date, the chemistry between them was undeniable. They began going on dates more frequently and quickly fell in love with each other. Today, Zekiel and Swetlana are happier than ever - proving that sometimes love at first sight can be found online! A beautiful success story for two people who found each other through an online dating platform.
Success Story #2 Image
Miles and Mila LaDate logo
Miles and Mila were both looking for something special when they joined a dating site. After exchanging some interesting conversations, the two decided to meet up in person. On their first date, it was like no time had passed between them as they effortlessly connected with each other. They kept seeing each other often thereafter and soon found themselves in a long-term relationship. Nowadays, Miles and Mila are both very happy together - a true success story of love found online!

Finding Love Without Mail Order: Alternatives to Mail Order Brides and Sites

Love today encompasses more than traditional matchmaking. This exploration uncovers diverse pathways to meaningful connections beyond mail-order services. From online platforms to real-life engagements, we’ll explore options like dating apps, social events, networking, volunteering, and specialized matchmaking services, focusing on shared values and genuine connections. Join us as we discover how love thrives through authentic interactions and mutual compatibility in various settings.

Online Dating

  • Video Profiles and Calls: Discuss the rising trend of video profiles and video calls on dating platforms, allowing individuals to get a better sense of compatibility before meeting in person.
  • User Verification: Highlight platforms that employ stringent verification processes to ensure the authenticity of profiles, enhancing safety and trust within the online dating community.

Social Events:

  • Cultural Festivals: Encourage participation in cultural events or festivals where people celebrate traditions, providing a vibrant setting to meet individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Collaborative Projects: Discuss joining collaborative projects or group initiatives where participants work towards a common goal, fostering camaraderie and potential connections.

Professional Networking

  • Informal Gatherings: Highlight the value of casual meetups, like coffee gatherings or weekend outings, which offer relaxed settings conducive to building genuine relationships.
  • Shared Goals Beyond Work: Emphasize the potential for professional connections to evolve into personal ones through shared passions or hobbies outside the workplace.


  • Specialized Skill-Based Volunteering: Explore opportunities where volunteers can utilize their professional skills (like marketing, design, etc.) to contribute to causes they care about, attracting individuals with similar skill sets and interests.
  • Community Engagement Programs: Showcase programs that engage volunteers in long-term community development, enabling sustained relationships with fellow volunteers and community members.

Matchmaking Services

  • Local vs. Global Services: Discuss the differences between local matchmaking services that focus on regional connections and global services catering to international matches.
  • Compatibility Assessments: Highlight services that employ in-depth personality assessments or compatibility tests to enhance the matching process beyond superficial traits.


Author photo

The mail order bride industry remains active, offering a pathway for individuals worldwide to find love and companionship. While success stories are prevalent, it's crucial to approach this avenue with caution and understanding.

Thoroughly researching the industry is essential due to the prevalence of scams. It's important to be wary of websites that promote buying a bride, as authentic services focus on fostering connections rather than selling individuals.

Patience is key in this process. Building a relationship across distances takes time, effort, and an acceptance of cultural differences. Being comfortable with the timeline and uncertainties involved is crucial.

Furthermore, the dynamics of mail order brides have shifted. Today, those seeking partners through these services prioritize compatibility and genuine connections over historical stereotypes. Both parties are invested in finding a mutually suitable match, fostering fulfillment for both partners.

While this path can lead to meaningful relationships, realistic expectations, thorough research, and a genuine willingness to understand and respect each other's backgrounds and cultures are vital.


What is a Mail Order Bride?

A mail order bride is a term historically used to refer to a woman who lists herself in catalogs or online platforms with the intention of being selected by a man for marriage. The concept typically involves a man from a more developed country seeking a partner from a less developed one.

Is Mail Ordering a Bride Legal?

The legality of mail order bride arrangements can vary based on individual countries' laws. Generally, the process of arranging a marriage via mail order is legal as long as it adheres to the respective laws regarding immigration, marriage, and human trafficking.

Can You Divorce a Mail Order Bride?

Regarding divorce, if a marriage has been legally recognized, it can typically be dissolved through legal divorce proceedings, regardless of whether the marriage started through a mail-order arrangement.

Why Do Men Get Mail Order Brides?

Men seek mail-order brides for various reasons, including a desire for companionship, cultural compatibility, and the hope of finding love or a partner who shares their values.

Are Mail Order Brides Free?

Mail-order bride services often involve expenses. While some websites might offer free registration, the process usually incurs charges for communication, travel, and other services related to meeting and marrying the intended partner.

Are Mail Order Bride Websites Real?

Mail-order bride websites can be legitimate, connecting individuals genuinely seeking relationships. However, due diligence is crucial to avoid scams. Look for reputable sites with positive reviews, verify profiles, and be cautious of red flags such as requests for money or inconsistent information.

What is the Average Age of a Mail Order Bride?

The average age of mail-order brides can vary significantly. While there's no fixed age range, individuals seeking mail-order arrangements might be of varying ages, from younger adults to middle-aged individuals.

How to Avoid Scam on Dating Sites?

Avoiding scams on mail order bride sites involves staying vigilant and following some essential tips: research and choose reputable platforms, verify profiles and information, be cautious of individuals asking for money or financial assistance, and prioritize meeting in person to validate the relationship. Trust your instincts and don't hesitate to report suspicious behavior to the platform.

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