Mail Order Brides: Full Guide on How to Find a Wife of Your Dream Online

Best Mail Order Brides Sites

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Mail Order Bride is a widespread term used to refer to foreign brides. That is, a charming woman who joins a marriage service designed to introduce her to a man from another, usually more developed country.

❤️ Success rate ~73%
💰 Average cost of a mail order bride $2,000 – $15,000
🌍 Popular countries with brides Ukraine, Russia, Thailand, the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil
⌛ Average age of brides 28 y.o.
💔 Divorce rate ~35%

The conception of “mail-order brides” refers to the fact that such women published their personal information in catalogs thanks to a marriage broker. A foreign man can view a variety of single ladies. All in all, the typical mail-order bride can use online matchmaking.

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Alexandra 28 y.o.
Grace 24 y.o.
Darya 26 y.o.
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Duangkamol 27 y.o.
Suzume 23 y.o.
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Chō 23 y.o.
Hong Kong
Ariana 25 y.o.
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Foreign Brides For Marriage

Some mail order brides are from poor and underdeveloped countries. This is their great opportunity to find love, that is, a sincere and permanent man. All this can be done thanks to the high-level marriage agencies offering mail orders instead.

As a rule, mail order wives come from Asian and European countries, including the Philippines, Russia, and Ukraine. Many single women strive for irreplaceable and, above all, high-quality family life in more developed countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Wealthy and single foreign men who are interested in a mail order bride are often relatively self-sufficient and sober partners. They are most likely looking for a sincere and lasting relationship after a long search. Any foreign mail order bride strives for a successful marriage with serious and charming men.

In many cases, foreigners decide to order brides who are making ideal women. They find them from a less economically developed country. Any wife finder believes that such partners will serve them as loyal and obedient wives. Moreover, local women are quite self-willed and independent. Men choose mail order ladies from the catalogs of marriage agencies. Glorious mail order wives are often much younger than men by 20 or 30 years.

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Why Do They Want to Be Mail Order Brides?

In the past, a mail order bride could marry a man she had never met before. Nowadays, the courtship process is underway. Usually, a man who wants to meet such an ideal spouse buys a membership in one or more marriage agencies that allow him to meet and communicate with foreign unmarried women. The man has a great opportunity to visit the country where the agency itself is located. The man meets many foreign women for marriage there.

A man can go on private dates with mail order brides of interest and even make marriage proposals. Women can be choosy and do not have to marry the first man to ask. Often mail order brides get married because they want to change their lives for the better. 

Are Mail Order Spouse Illegal?

Problems with mail order marriages have drawn close attention to the movement of the mail order brides within the USA. Are mail order brides legal? The International Marriage Brokers Regulatory Act imposes strict measures on the man who delivers mail order brides. For example, he will be ready to reveal his family background. He will be tested for sexual crimes, and a mail bride agrees to communicate with each man who wants to contact her.

Success Stories from Mail Order Brides Sites

Success Story #1 Image
Ezekiel and Swetlana SofiaDate logo
Zekiel and Swetlana met on a dating site and instantly hit it off. After exchanging messages for weeks, they decided to meet in person. On their first date, the chemistry between them was undeniable. They began going on dates more frequently and quickly fell in love with each other. Today, Zekiel and Swetlana are happier than ever - proving that sometimes love at first sight can be found online! A beautiful success story for two people who found each other through an online dating platform.
Success Story #2 Image
Miles and Mila LaDate logo
Miles and Mila were both looking for something special when they joined a dating site. After exchanging some interesting conversations, the two decided to meet up in person. On their first date, it was like no time had passed between them as they effortlessly connected with each other. They kept seeing each other often thereafter and soon found themselves in a long-term relationship. Nowadays, Miles and Mila are both very happy together - a true success story of love found online!

How Much Does A Mail Order Bride Cost?

Speaking about how much you can buy a wife, then the price will depend on what type of mail order brides you prefer. Also, it depends on the countries where you can buy a bride, as well as on your choice when choosing her amazing characteristics.

If you are looking to buy a mail order bride, be prepared to spend between a round sum including all services and expenses for basic necessities such as tickets or gifts. Mail order brides are usually found in marriage agencies from different countries. The main reason why they want to marry a foreigner is that they prefer to diversify their outlook with the best foreign candidates. In the modern world, single ladies prefer dating men online.

For many Western men, it is interesting how much a decent mail order brides cost. The fact is that they prefer this method of getting married because it is convenient and reliable. Moreover, it does not require a lot of time. Be ready to meet real mail order brides under pleasant circumstances.

Using most mail order marriage agencies that you can find on the global web means to find a wife on any marriage site. All the agencies dealing with marriage services.

The difference is that the males are almost from the USA, Western Europe, or other Western countries. The best mail order girlfriend is from the less developed country of Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia.

The average cost of a mail order bride ranges from several thousand dollars. There are also free mail order brides. A truly cautious man may spend a little less, and a billionaire will spend billions on mail order brides, but the vast majority of men looking for legit mail order brides spend less than several thousand dollars. 

It depends on how long and extravagant courtship the mail bride requires, the man’s financial resources, and how much the man is ready to spend. Believe it or not, choosing the best matrimonial agencies is one of the greatest and effective ways when looking for international brides.

Main Costs Most Men Spent On Mail Order Wives

Agency Fees

There are payments for the services provided by the marriage agency. A man usually charges fees for communicating with online brides from the database of the agency. Sometimes foreigners prefer mentoring or matchmaking to meet an overseas wife.

Travel Expenses

This can be provided by airfare, accommodation, and travel around the country. Sometimes rail or taxi are the main expenses. Unique mail order brides are presented in the special online catalog on the current portal.

Drivers, Guides & Translators

Most men will need some of these personal services in Ukraine, Colombia, or Thailand, offering mail order ladies.

Marriage Fees

Men all over the world pay marriage fees to contact mail order girlfriends. It does not matter whether it is too little or too much. This is one of the biggest achievements that most foreign men can reach. They can simply find a bride. By the way, most women want to marry American men.

Bureaucratic Fees

Visa and passport fees are generally quite cheap, but if you need to hire an immigration solicitor, it can be a bit expensive. Anyway, to choose the best mail order wife is worth trying!

Assimilation Expenses On Mail Order Brides

This is probably the most underrated cost. It will take a little time for your ideal wife to assimilate into your community. This is often more costly than men expect. Marriage services are ready to help to find the best foreign women to marry.

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How Successful Are Mail-Order Marriages?

Most American women who have had to deal with mail-order delivery are willing to work a lot at home and outside. For example, most Russian mail order brides have higher education. They can express their thoughts clearly and are guided by themselves. Charming mail order ladies are leaders to some extent. They are amazing and compelling. Mail orders are very family-friendly and supportive. Such ladies went to leave their countries in order to create a happy marriage, children, family, and future life in general.

As a result of their commitment, the number of free mail order brides is a small percentage compared to American women. Being happily married means being married to a mail order woman who is smart, educated, hardworking, beautiful, loves her spouse and children.


Best Countries to Find a Wife

It is quite normal to show a direct interest in mail-order ladies from various Europe and Asia countries. Numerous marriage agencies offer to order a wife from different parts of the world. Matchmakers will always advise you on the best choice and select exactly those ideal mail order wives you are interested in.

Not so long ago, it seemed that finding a good mail order wife among the offered candidates was not an easy task. Many men are eager to meet women and get married as soon as possible. Some customers believe that it is good to have at least a few girls in mind to start a permanent relationship and start a family. With the benefits of the Internet, to order a woman becomes much easier.

The best countries for getting family relationships with mail brides are Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, as well as eastern countries like China, Japan, Thailand, and others. There are many hypotheses that men clearly need female friends or mail order wives from other countries. It is not uncommon for foreign women seeking American men. Perhaps this is because modern women strive to be wealthy and to be in good hands.

For example, a mail order bride catalog offers Eastern European brides who are highly educated. Most of all, they want to marry a man with the same level of education. Therefore, they have become more demanding in their search for the perfect marriage partner. Then the men, unable to find a wife in their country, turn to marriage agencies.

In addition to higher education, mail order women in most western and some eastern countries have financial independence and a more professional mentality. Thus, mail brides are more interested in non-traditional family life outside their countries. mail-order brides want to explore the world and develop their potential together with a foreign man. This is the very reason to take on the search for the perfect mail order woman. It can always be found online.

Mail Order Brides Map Online

Eastern European Mail Order Brides


Russian women are among the best in the world. Russia is considered the best country to find a wife. First of all, you need to value their loyalty. Russian wives are often self-taught and unconditionally resolve their daily issues. They lead an active life, but the family remains an important value for them. Russian women believe that the main prerequisite of human existence is to get married, have children, and create a happy family.

Among Russian mail order ladies are talented housewives who know how to save time and money. Apart from that, Russian brides are very physically active and deeply into sports such as tennis, volleyball, and swimming. Eastern European women also like other outdoor activities. These are their favorite pastimes. Last but not least, local mail order girls are very honest and sincere. This is why they also value these qualities in their husbands.


Each person is different from another. In general, Ukrainian women have certain properties and qualities that stand out very positively. Ukraine is another best country for mail order brides. Any Ukrainian mail order woman boasts of her charming appearance and attractive inner characteristics. The best way to go to Ukraine is thanks to the marriage organizers. There you can meet Ukrainian mail order singles in real life.

Ukrainian mail order brides attract many foreign men because they are smart and reasonable. Often they make great models and actresses. Ukrainian women are very talented and unique. Each girl has a zest that cannot be overlooked.

Ukrainian mail order brides stand out thanks to their femininity. Eastern European women strive to be feminine and unique all the time, as it is important to highlight their individuality. They make every effort to do this.

Slavic mail order brides are big women of fashion and love to wear nice and neat clothes. They prefer low heels in everyday life, and on special occasions, they try to look their best. This applies in particular to the private and business areas. Their hair is long and often well-groomed.

Slavic mail orders usually have a good figure. This is because they pay attention to a healthy diet and eat in moderation. Eastern European women feel good about their female role, and they see her as a terrific privilege. It is in their culture and society to be feminine and look beautiful.


The girls of Belarus are gorgeous. They are born to be feminine and indifferent to feminist culture. As a rule, mail-order ladies from Belarus are independent. Are mail order brides still a thing? In the literal sense, you are not buying a Belarusian bride. You use the services of marriage agencies that offer amazing wives from Belarus. As you would expect from a mail order woman from Eastern Europe, they manage to remain sweet and tender.

Belarusian women are more resolute than, for example, Ukrainian mail orders and Russians. They are ready to punch their way on their own without outside help.

Eastern European women are very superstitious, even with the number of flowers presented to them. Local mail order women won’t sit in the corner of a table and try on a wedding dress to entertain themselves. Young mothers hide their children from outsiders because they are worried about their fate.

Asian Mail Order Brides


Many Chinese women are happy to hurry up to start a family. There are often cases when parents of pretty Asian brides want their daughter to become a bride. Asian mail order brides want her to start a family as soon as possible. Chinese women are very loyal to their families and respect the opinions of loved ones. Family is a priority, but money is also important for an Asian mail order bride. If young people love each other, while the groom has the proper wealth, the bride’s parents will likely support their union. 

Some clients turned to international marriage agencies to find out the cost of a mail order bride. In China, you can apply for a residence permit for a long time so that you don’t worry about visas every time. One day a lonely foreign client decided to try it through a sham marriage. Naturally, he was going to tell the future Asian bride about his plans and pay. The marriage brokers quickly explained to him that the Chinese mail order women here are wonderful family partners and believe in true love. Therefore, it is better to put her principles of family relations in the foreground. Chinese mail order women have no concept of “fictitious marriage” as they get married once. 


Japanese mail order girls are very different from Russian and European women in their demeanor, clothing style, and, of course, in appearance. A Japanese woman cannot be confused with anyone! Japanese beauties are generally pretty, fragile, slender, and graceful. Japanese mail orders have straight backs, good posture, and an ideal figure.

Hair is so luxurious and well-groomed that you just can’t take your eyes off it! The hair looks like a canvas of black satin. Some Asian mail order beauties dye their hair dark or brown. Their skin is beautiful and free of swelling and problem areas.

As a rule, Japanese mail order ladies take cosmetic baths several times a week to improve their health and appearance. Japanese mail order singles are white-skinned and black-haired ladies. Even though there is now the advertising of various depilation products everywhere, many Japanese women prefer to leave everything as it is.

To meet a Japanese mail order woman, it is enough to get to their country of residence. The vast majority of Japanese mail order women can be found there. In general, the chances of meeting one of them in Russia are not so great. Therefore, the Internet and marriage sites come to the rescue. Before you meet with mail order women, you first figure out why you want to get close to them. If your interest is more in the field of exotic sex with mail order singles, then it is better to use the paid services of specialists in this area.

You can get acquainted with Japanese women online, communicate with them, and make friends. If you think about something more, think about whether you really have a deep interest in this woman or do you just like unusual relationships. If there is not even the slightest doubt, then hurry up to apply to one of the best marriage agencies!


Thailand has long been one of the civilized countries. Traditions have been preserved here that seems quite amazing to us. Serious reforms in the country began only a century ago. Thai cuties are constantly smiling, voluntarily in marriage, also on the side. They become great mothers at the same time. Modern Thai brides are not much different from European or Russian women. They also work, go on holidays, spend time with their friends.

Thailand still has traditions that may surprise the rest of the world. Previously, a woman was subordinate to her husband in everything since Thai society was and remains patriarchal. Today, this age-old tradition is reversed. A Thai woman is very attentive to her husband. Many Thai brides say nice things about their men.

Thai mail-order women forgive almost everything to their chosen ones. They try to accept any displeasure with a smile. The reason for this strange behavior lies in the local religion. Thai mail order women try to smile to perfect their inner “paradise”. An affair on the side is one of the rare occasions. Some Thai mail order brides accept this as a common occurrence. 


It often happens that a beautiful mail order bride from this distant country wants to marry in the name of love. She hopes that a foreign man will become an excellent spouse. A Philippine mail order bride strongly believes that her future husband will provide for her and her entire family. 

When a mail order girlfriend realizes that the relationship has become even better, she does everything possible to become the perfect wife. She constantly maintains the marriage and family. This can be dismissed as a great positive factor. Next to a Filipino mail order beauty, you will become happy in a marriage where the wedding will be played with fair love. 

The advantages of a relationship with a Filipina mail order lady include the fact that these girls are very religious. They are Catholics, but more often than not, they do not mind converting to Orthodoxy. They are interested in both the liturgy and the rituals of the church. More often, something new means something interesting for curious mail orders.

Being deeply religious, Filipina mail order brides bring their children to church, upbringing them on the faith. In most cases, before the wedding, educated girls who grew up in pious families do not have a serious relationship. Therefore, a bride remains a virgin until the wedding. 

Filipino mail order wives are great housekeepers. They know how to cook and keep order in the house. More often, mail orders girls do not care about the presence of an automatic machine and an expensive car from a husband. They look at life simply and are ready to live in any conditions. Of course, if you pamper a mail order girl by giving expensive gifts, then in the future, you will also need to fork out.

Filipinos love snow. Many local people dream of living in a snowy country because they are very tired of the heat. A Filipino wife will not be afraid to fly to a cold country and put on a bunch of clothes just to enjoy the snow. She will enjoy snowdrifts, an ice rink, and other delights of the northern latitudes every day. 

The girls from the Philippines are very kind. They love children and are happy to babysit even with other people’s children. They are hardworking and persistent. Be careful when looking for a companion. Most often, you come across those who are easier to go into a relationship with. This means that they are already those beautiful girls who are ready to become your wife forever.


Vietnamese differ from other Asians both in appearance and in mentality. To enjoy this Asian bride, it is enough to follow the basic rules, be yourself, and be able to flirt! Based on this, they can say whether the Vietnamese really liked you. Vietnamese mail order brides are, at first, rather shy. 

What do you need to do to impress an Asian mail order? To be successful with Vietnamese brides, you need to learn how to communicate with them. Furthermore, it is very important to know how their culture has greatly influenced what is happening in their families; and how positively it affects their interaction with males. 

The best way to meet an Asian girl is to watch your looks and clothing. Take note that women all over the world like well-groomed men. Therefore, Vietnamese girls especially are similar to Korean and Japanese women. If you have a great figure and a well-groomed body, a Vietnamese will immediately pay attention to you. Appearance is very important. 

Behave with humility and respect. Like other Asian women, Vietnamese are very proud of partners who behave with dignity and respect them. Also, pay attention to your language and behavior to interest her relatives. This is how they differ from the rest of the European women who admire extravagant men or those men who want to be outstanding to attract females’ attention. 

Decent behavior will in no way be a signal to a Vietnamese that you are modest. It all comes down to the opposite. Modest behavior proves that you want to be a strong man: patient and gallant. This is a very effective way to win the heart of any Vietnamese girl.

Latin Mail Order Brides Online


For most foreigners, the image of a Brazilian woman is quite stereotyped. It is a tanned beauty who mostly spends time on the beach or lights up at a carnival. Every resident of Brazil, despite everything, is proud of her appearance and allows herself to relax. Tourists who have come to the carnival have a good idea of ​​the appearance of local beauties.

An interesting fact is that many women tend to have ample curves. There is no cult of a relief and toned body. Girls, regardless of the type of figure, prefer mini shorts and tight tops. Brazilian brides are taught from childhood to love their body, whatever it may be. Constant attention from men supports the fairer sex in the belief that each of them is a goddess. 

Local women may not wear makeup or jewelry, but nails are a kind of cult. It is not uncommon to meet even entire clans of specialists who have been serving the same family for a long time. And the price will not become an obstacle to the beauty of arms and legs, even with a modest family budget.


Colombian women are some of the most exotic and beautiful women in the world. They are usually varied, with dark, tan, and honey complexions. Some of them have light skin. You can find tall and slender Colombian mail order brides. They are famous for their excellent external characteristics, and most of them have a curvy body. 

Local ladies have lush and silky hair. They can be light or black. Eyes range from dark to light, and their heights range from tall to petite. You will find the most enchanting varied beauty among Colombian brides on the marriage portals. What’s more, the locals boast a natural blend of curves, color, character, and charm. Wherever you are, the femininity and traditions of these single Latin girls make them so cute and special.

Recalling moments in history, the people in this South American country are a wonderful mix of Europeans, Africans, indigenous peoples, and those in between. Searching across the country for the best woman to suit your taste is a fun adventure if you’re a single gentleman. 

Girls with brown hair, brown eyes, and a petite physique are considered smart, liberated, and witty. Most have tanned skin and are known to be the friendliest and most laid-back in society. Local girls are known as the most passionate and sexiest women in all of Colombia. They say that Colombians are the most conscious and open people.

There is good news. You can now register and view the personal profiles of attractive Colombian women to find the best option. International marriage sites feature thousands of women’s profiles with photos of beautiful and marriage-minded brides from Cartagena, Cali, Bogota, and Barranquilla. 

mail order brides


Canada is a lot like European countries. Canadians would rather spend the weekend hiking than stay at home all this time. They are very responsive, feminine, determined, straightforward, and zealous, following their own cultural identity. Brides from Canada are real patriots and are ready to talk more about their country and its achievements.

Canadian women are always ready to help. They are more open than Europeans as well. It’s easier to get to know and communicate with them. Canadians have fewer problems of their own. Arrogance is unknown to them.

If a stranger turns to a girl on the street to communicate, she will most likely reciprocate. The Canadian woman will stop and listen to you. If a person needs help, she will not refuse. On the contrary, she will tell you everything, show and even take you by the handle if necessary.

Canadian ladies always say openly what they think. But this does not prevent them from harboring a zest of mystery. They can puzzle men in every way and pretend to be charming ladies. 

With patriotism in their blood, Canadians are lucky to be neighbors with the world’s most powerful countries. Local men and women are zealous about their own culture. Canadians are very fond of being compared to strong nationalities and are not offended when they are mixed with American women.

If a man wants to find the key to a Canadian’s heart, he needs to know local geography, history, and politics. In this case, he will maintain a conversation and create a pleasant impression of himself. These are the teachings given to Canadian brides by men who have won their Canadian wife’s heart. They are proud not only of their country but also of the political course chosen by the authorities.

Best Mail Order Brides Services


LatinBeautyDate is a mail order brides service that helps single men find serious women to start a family. Most of the girls here are family-oriented and have serious intentions. 

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Kiss Russian Beauty is an excellent online dating platform. It connects the hearts of single people with older Russian women looking for husbands. It is a very effective marriage service. Its membership base consists mostly of conscientious and interested in marriage users. Many useful features help you keep in touch with new people wherever you are. All interactions between interlocutors will take place in real-time.

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This mail order brides service was founded to create a favorable dating atmosphere with mail ordered wives. Here you will find many attractive brides from all over the world, including America and Europe. Most of the men are foreigners, and women are from Eastern Europe (immigrants from Russia and Ukraine). People looking for same-sex relationships are allowed to join, but the site is predominantly for straight people. 

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Today you can register on this mail order brides service. Fill out a profile and start chatting with the most charming and attractive girls in the world. The main thing is to take a right first step towards winning the bride’s heart. Choose the quality matrimonial service that offers the most benefits. LoveFort gives great opportunities to its clients. 

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Having yourself familiarized with the best countries where you can find a mail order bride, you can stop on a good choice. Every love seeker can successfully find a wife online. All in all, she can become a wonderful wife and loving mother. Marriage is the most important step in the life of each of us.