Korean Women vs. Japanese Women

Dating with Japanese women and dating with Korean women: which ones are preferable for foreign single men? What is the specificity of those and other dates, and what do they have in common? Why do some prefer Japanese, while others stand up for Korean? In terms of dating, they have to compare the representatives of the fair sex.

Active Manifestation of Initiative

With a Japanese woman, you can change places about three times in one evening. This means to root in the girl’s subconscious on the very first date, the idea that you have known each other for a long time. In the future, it is unlikely that a man will need such activity.

South Korea is a country of cafes. There is just a huge variety of ​​them. You will go to cafes very often because Korean do not particularly like to go for a walk. Up to three cafes, a day is more likely the norm.

A Japanese is able to choose something for herself from the menu without any problems. She will also accept the choice of a man for her with humility, even if he screwed up badly.

Despair of Korean Women

Korean women in a cafe, as a rule, cannot choose on their own. But at the same time, they are always unhappy with a man’s choice for them. You need to shorten the menu or order everything at once.

Everyone Pays How They Can

In Japan (on a date or elsewhere), everyone pays for oneself, and the total bills are divided equally. By the way, feminism does not play any role here. In South Korea, a man pays for everything. This not only shows his higher position in society in relation to the girl but also fulfills the honorary duty that appears because of it. It is customary for the girl to treat the guy with dessert showing that she accepts the man’s gift with humility and gratitude.

Indefatigable Shopping Trips

With most Japanese women, you can go shopping with complete peace of mind. Even if a girl doesn’t simply do window shopping, she actually buys something. Moreover, she does it at her own expense.

When visiting shops with Korean girls, men will hear repeated hints about buying this or that, and not always worth a reasonable price. Ignoring will result in the girl getting angry and talking less to the guy. More likely, the date will end by going home. She can also be understood. You do not do at her request what Koreans do on their own initiative without any hints from the girl. The hidden conception is that she is hinting at something, not waiting for an initiative on your part. It is advised to come to her later with a gift that is more convenient for you at a price or other characteristics.

Generally Speaking

Japanese women are more modest, inhibited in communication, look cold but not inside. However, they are excellent housewives about whom one can only dream. Korean women do not know how to do anything, but it is very interesting to communicate with them. It is better to go somewhere with Korean women. The girls are active, open, and positive. They love new places to visit together, especially cafes, of which there are a great many in South Korea.

Korean woman

How to Distinguish Japanese and Korean Women?

For a long time, a funny stereotype existed on the Internet. Any Asian in a second will figure out from the crowd who is in front of him: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or another representative of the Mongoloid race. However, this has nothing to do with reality. Although the Korean and Japanese belong to the same Mongoloid race, these exotic beauties still differ in their phenotype.

Face Shape

Japanese have a noticeably big head, but the prevailing face shape is oval, soft, without prominent cheekbones and cheeks. Sometimes a rather sharp chin is found. The rounded face with cute chubby cheeks is a small and touching complex of young Korean beauties. They still have it quite flat, especially when viewed in profile, with pronounced high cheekbones and a low bridge of the nose. Because of this, it is very uncomfortable for them to wear glasses as they constantly fall off.

Eyes and Brows

Japanese girls are the owners of the widest eye shape. It most of all resembles a European despite the presence of a second eyelid. The eyebrows are wide, thick, and in most cases, even. Korean girls have narrower eyes with a curved eyebrow line. Many girls prefer to correct it with makeup since the eyebrows are rather sparse and imperfectly shaped.

Lips and Nose

Korean have neat and even noses. They often have small but rather fleshy nose tips. Japanese have sharper noses (sometimes with a natural hump or the classic Asian “hook”).

The fullness of the lips is completely different. Everything is individual. It is worth noting that in Asian countries, no one particularly chases after lush lips and prefers natural beauty in this regard. But this cannot be said about the shape of the eyes and the shape of the face. They turn to plastic surgeons to make some changes.

Height and Skin Color

The lightest are Japanese ladies, followed by Korean women. Chinese girls have the darkest skin tone and a yellowish tone. That is why they will not sunbathe for any money in the summer season.

Speaking about growth, Korean women are leading in this aspect. The average height of girls from South Korea is about 163-168 centimeters. Chinese females have about 162 centimeters. The smallest were Japanese females with their 158 centimeters.

As for hairstyles, clothing style, make-up, and communication skills, it is difficult to say something definite. Everything is very individual. If you find yourself in front of a miniature Japanese woman who fully fits the description above, then it is not at all necessary that she will behave modestly and quietly. Conversely, a Korean woman should laugh out loud, gesture a lot, and talk loudly.

japanese girl

Japanese and Korean Women: Communication With Their Men

Communication is one of the most important components in a relationship between a man and a woman. When choosing your life partner, it sometimes turns out to be decisive.

Both Japanese singles and Korean singles like the “gentleness” of men. The bottom line is that approving behavior is not at all common to both Japanese and Korean men.

  • Japanese perceive such behavior as incomprehensible because of what and why the service provided, for which, in turn, it is not clear how to repay in return. Not knowing how to repay is even worse than not being able or having enough funds to repay. Poor things for life psychologically are driven into unpaid debt to a man.

Korean women, on the other hand, perceive such behavior simply as a proper attitude for a particular man to a particular girl in a particular case. The man here finds himself at a disadvantage in relation to the girl and whether she will take advantage of this. And if so, much depends only on the particular girl.

  • Japanese girls try to be as cute as possible for their boyfriends: clumsy, feigned movements, imitation of a child’s voice when talking. In the Japanese part of TikTok, there are even a lot of scenes that play out such behavior. Korean women have a similar story. The key difference between Japanese here is that it intensifies when they need something from a guy. The Japanese girls are stable and pass themselves off as true everyday self.
  • Japanese cuties do not tend to strain their men, as well as give them any inconvenience. Korean women are able to ask you many times a day, for example, “Am I fat?” and other variations of this question. If they have already become completely unbearable, say that she is a Goddess!
  • Japanese women do not find fault with trifles even if they are offended. You will never know about it. Some say that this accumulates and leads to part in the future. In fact, they usually have completely different reasons for parting. Korean women tend to be offended by little things and always add fuel to the fire.
  • Japanese do not speak directly, not only about discontent but in general. They always tend to express themselves in roundabout ways. Korean women, on the other hand, express dissatisfaction with hints or keep silent, making it difficult to understand each other.
  • Japanese women tend to adjust to their men even if they secretly have to experience inconvenience because of this. They accumulate such things in themselves. And this usually is not the true reason for parting.

Korean women are not shy about expressing their opinion. They can even demonstrate their strength to you if something is going wrong. They have a strong-willed character, even though at the beginning of the relationship, the girls behave very modestly and shyly. They will not say something but will demonstrate strength like the Japanese women.


Korean girls can surpass European and American women in terms of momentary beauty. But otherwise, they are not worth the potential effort. In terms of dating, Japanese are of much greater interest to foreigners. It is not even about the exotic. It should be especially noted that we are talking here about enduring, off-scale beauty.

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