Japanese vs. Chinese Women – Unique Female Features

Any relationship begins with the first meeting and acquaintance. It is important to understand what you are trying to achieve and which Asian girl you want to meet. Dating in nightclubs and bars is pretty straightforward but does not always imply a serious relationship with Asian women. A bed with you for both a Japanese and a Chinese girl can be just an exotic experience.

Knowledge of Asian culture is also an important factor. If you are fluent in Japanese, your chances increase dramatically. If you can only speak English, then your social circle, on the contrary, narrows to Japanese or Chinese women who are interested in English or work professionally in this area. Firstly, an Asian single lady who speaks English well knows her worth, and secondly, she can communicate with you to improve her English. It’s okay overall, but it can be disappointing if you’re in a romantic mood.

How to Meet a Japanese Lady?

In principle, everything is very simple. It is enough to visit Japan since the vast majority of local pretties are found there. The very fact that you are standing on Japanese land dramatically increases your chances of meeting a Japanese girl.

However, there is no need to despair: there are many Asians in Europe. They are among students and employees of the companies working in developed European countries, as well as the staff of embassies and consulates. In general, the chances of meeting one of them are so great. And it doesn’t matter how as the Internet and dating sites come to the rescue!

Before you meet a Japanese, you first need to figure out why you generally want to get close to a cute Asian lady. If the interest is more in the field of exotic sex, then it is better to use the paid services of specialists in this field. It is easier, and you will not get yourself extra problems. For the rest, you can and should get acquainted with Japanese women, communicate, make friends. If you think about something more, then think about whether you really have a deep feeling for this woman, or do you just like the unusualness of the situation.

In Japan, there are slightly different concepts of female beauty. A miniature Japanese girl with a beautiful face and small breasts can be very attractive to the taste of a foreign man. For many Asian girls, the decisive factor in female beauty is the height and size of her breasts. Thus, if you like slender girls, then you are very lucky. For your chosen one, acquaintance with you may well be the first experience, even if she is well over twenty.

Japanese woman

How to Meet a Chinese Lady?

Most Chinese women have an extremely low level of English. Despite this fact, they will be happy to speak with a foreigner. However, it is extremely problematic to find out from a passer-by the right direction or to buy something in a store without knowing Chinese. Meanwhile, most people these days are not at all against international relationships. Many go to Asia to find something exotic.

Night Clubs and Bars

This option is more interesting. It is necessary to search the district for the presence of nightlife. There may well be girls who speak English, but it is worth distinguishing “paid” love from a Chinese single who is sincerely interested in your country.


In China, many single ladies go to study in libraries, and there you can meet an educated girl and, accordingly, a girl who knows a foreign language. In addition, libraries of large cities have interesting books in various languages.

Online Applications

There are many effective and most popular messengers in China. Badoo and its alternatives are top and well-known applications for dating Chinese singles. For example, Tantan is the perfect version of the mobile dating app.

Striking Differences Between Japanese and Chinese

There are rather striking comparisons of the Japanese and Chinese women’s behavior in different life situations. In general, there are clearly observed differences between the inhabitants of the two countries:

  1. Japanese mothers teach their children to fight the evil forces very bravely even if they are defeated. The fight itself is an honor. Chinese ladies often teach children explaining that if they are faced with the forces of evil, they must be able to hide well or run away or avoid meeting them. They tell them that God himself will punish evil;
  2. Japanese women are convinced that their native country is the most glorious. But Chinese ladies believe that “abroad and the moon is rounder”;
  3. Most Japanese women think marriage to a foreigner is a shame. Chinese women think marriage to a foreigner is pretty sweet;
  4. Japanese act like real ladies in common life and become nasty in bed. And Chinese girls act like ladies but in a dirty bed;
  5. Most Japanese women live by unwritten rules, supporting their husbands, raising children. China is the priority country where one-night stand and fornication are common;
  6. Many Japanese beauties revere their husband’s parents and look at their mother-in-law like a lovely mother. Chinese are eager to get away from their mother-in-law as soon as possible;
  7. Japanese fiancées treat husbands with enthusiasm and care. When they meet their tired husband late at night, they usually say: “You’ve had a difficult day.” Chinese women meet belated husbands with abuse and reproaches. When they meet, they ask: “Where did you go this time?”
  8. Most young Japanese women are looking for a young man of a suitable age for marriage and further life together. Many young Chinese girls are looking for a sugar daddy, and no matter that he suits them as a father;
  9. Japanese women show their daughters how to take care of their husbands and to respect their husband’s parents. Chinese ladies advise their children to keep tight control over the husband’s property;
  10. Japanese can treat poor men, but they definitely will not tolerate cowards and weaklings. Chinese will treat cowards and weaklings favorably if only they have money;
  11. For a Japanese woman, a courageous man is the most charming. Chinese females view courageous men as male chauvinists;
  12. Most Japanese women are quite tolerant of male betrayal. Chinese women are quite tolerant of their own infidelity;
  13. Girls from Japan never say anything bad about their husbands in public or the media, but Chinese wives almost always laugh loudly at men in public and in various media;
  14. The first words of the Japanese woman before the wedding night: “If I cannot take care of you properly, please be gentle towards me.” The first statements of the Chinese before the wedding night: “Let’s quickly check how much money they gave us.”

Why are Japanese Women So Attractive?

They Are Very Slim

Almost all Japan women are quite tiny and have thin bones. However, in Tokyo, Japanese women are not only more glamorous but more massive and not as thin by nature as in the provinces. At the same time, this is more than offset by a greater fashion for diets and proper nutrition, as well as the availability of plastic surgery in the capital. These differences in Tokyo were the result of an increased influx of fresh blood from other countries because foreigners hang out only within its borders.

They Are Aging Slow

Japanese women seem much younger than their age. Moreover, they are deliberately trying to appear younger than their age for the Japanese themselves.

Japanese Are Perfect Wives and Girlfriends

A Japanese woman is a real hearth keeper. She will look after the child, cook deliciously and variedly, wash and clean to a shine. Japanese society is conservative, but there are certain liberal shifts. It is also important that Japanese women ignore infidelity if they do not bear for them a decrease in attention from a boyfriend or husband, as well as some material loss.

chinese woman

Why Are Chinese Girls So Unusual?


Everyone knows well that tastes differ. If you have seen enough pictures of beautiful Asian women on the covers of magazines or on the Internet, then you will be immediately upset. The reality is not so good. Unfortunately, most Chinese women don’t look like models at all.

They are Slim

To be more precise, they are simply not genetically inclined to be overweight.

Small Breasts

Often there is none at all. But for many men, this is an important attribute in a relationship.

Funny Gait

It is difficult to describe it in words, but too often, you can see Chinese women on the streets walking like a bear cub, even in heels.

Make-up Forever

Skin-lightening cosmetics is the Chinese girls’ best friend. They follow fashion in this way.

These traits of local girls are striking all the time, but they are all different. Furthermore, the tastes of all men are various. Hence, appearance is not the part in which something can be stated objectively.


In terms of the mysterious Chinese soul, everything is far from so simple. There are a couple of contradictory traits common to many Chinese women:


Chinese girls are very fond of arranging scenes, in public and in private.


According to the stories of many “eyewitnesses”, they are extremely partial to the fact that their boyfriend will be nice to talk to another girl. Moreover, to leave a Chinese woman is also not an easy task.


The theme of love in different countries is very interesting and inexhaustible. Asian girls are very amazing and versatile personalities. The relationship with them is a real exotic.

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