Finding Your Dream Italian Brides: Everything You Need to Know

Italian women are known for their southern charm. It can be the reason why many men would like to get to know Italian bride. The passionate and spirited women from Italy are among the top spots in the women’s popularity list. However, Italian mail order brides have much more to offer than just a pretty and attractive appearance and demeanor. The following guide explains everything you need to know about their character and mentality, what you need to consider when flirting or getting married with them, and with popular places where to meet them.

The Beauty of Hot Italian Brides

Many beautiful Italian women are pretty, classy, ​​always well-groomed, and fashionably dressed. They often have long, dark brown and curly hair, dark eyes, are very slim, and usually not very large. The beauty-conscious brides attach great importance to good skincare. Her styling, the fashionable wardrobe, and the perfect make-up are the secrets of the fascinating charisma that so many men are drawn to. The beautiful brides of Italy exude a very distinctive elegance and turn their heads in rows. Especially in the big cities, brides pay great attention to their clothes. A skirt or dress in combination with heel shoes is very popular.

What Are Common Character Traits of Italian Women for Marriage?

The self-confident and talkative Italian girls for marriage are, on the one hand, very spirited and self-confident, but on the other hand, just as familiar, warm-hearted, friendly, generous, and devoted. These brides love life, but they also have a great sense of family. You are passionate about cooks. They just like to live and love. You are kind and combative. In terms of character, however, a distinction must be made between brides who come from Rome and those who come from small villages or live in the countryside.

Popular Ways to Meet Italian Singles

In a modern world, you can find plenty of ways to meet lovely Italian brides for marriage. Each of the options has strong and weak sides. However, the most important are your preferences. Depending on what kind of dating you prefer, there are several options:

  • Traditional dating. A lot of people find partners during a simple encounter. Traditional dating allows both people to spend time together and develop romantic feelings much faster. However, when it comes to finding the right Italian bride, you may need to take a trip to Italy.
  • Dating websites. A very common way to find and develop relationships with brides from Italy on a distance. Dating sites provide users with various features to make online dates more exciting and effective. Among weak sides, such services are not always free. According to studies, more and more people use dating websites nowadays.
  • Matrimonial services. Those who are interested in having an Italian mail order wife can prefer matrimonial agencies. They are primarily focused on serious relationships and marriage. Moreover, marriage agents perform professional searches to find the most suitable candidates. They are also not free to use.

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Italian Women looking for Marriage at Matrimonial Services

In recent years, international marriages are more common. A great number of Italian wives online use matrimonial services for some reasons. They do not always indicate true intentions in the profiles. Therefore, it is helpful to know what goals a single Italian girl for marriage can pursue in marriage agencies. Here are the most popular:

  • Love;
  • Marriage and children;
  • Relocation;
  • Money.

Popular Dating Sites to Find an Italian Bride



If you prefer to use veterans in the online dating industry, OkCupid is a wonderful option. This matching service has existed for many years; it is a part of Cupid Media, which owns a great number of dating sites. is an international dating platform. It is available in multiple languages, including Italian. To become its member, you do not spend a lot of time. All the dating sites that belong to Cupid Media can be used with the same account. That means that registering here allows you to use services like InternationalCupid, JapanCupid, and many others.

Here are plenty of free features. You can search Italian brides with the help of filters, which allows you the possibility to meet a single woman from Italy even in your area. To define whether you match each other, website members upgrade their profiles with useful information and nice photos.

The most important is that you can send messages and communicate with brides from Italy without spending money. There are paid services, which you can get by buying a subscription plan. They provide you with additional features and chances to be spotted by other dating site members.


  • You can join the dating site with the Facebook Account;
  • It has a convenient mobile application;
  • You will get access to one of the largest databases of profiles.


  • It is not only focused on women from Italy;
  • You may encounter fake profiles.


Meetic main page

A lot of dating sites are based in America. While with European based service, it is much easier to meet Italian girl. In such a case, you will be interested in It is a French dating service, which is very popular in Europe. You can enjoy this matching platform in various languages, including English. The main goal of this place is to help Italian mail order wives to find love. When it is international, there are useful tools to build up relationships on distance.

The sign-up process is very simple. On the homepage of the website, you have a questionnaire where you indicate all the necessary information. After several minutes, you complete the registration process. As a newcomer, you can use free based features, which include search tools and browsing. With the help of the Italian wife finder tool, you adjust various filters to find the most suitable matches. Then you may review the personal page of a single woman in order to decide whether to wire or not.

To send messages and communicate with women from Italy, you will need a subscription plan. It will provide you with access to all website features. They not only help to build up relationships but also increases chances to be spotted by other website members.


  • The customer support is always ready to help;
  • Plenty of women from Italy in a database;
  • It has a mobile app that is compatible with modern smartphones.


  • Communication is not free of charge;
  • Profiles pictures look more photogenic than people offline do.

match main page

Here is another wonderful dating site, which aims to make international couples. is one of the most longstanding services in the industry. It is very popular across the world. It means that you may find women from Italy, even in other countries.

Due to the convenient website design, you will not have difficulties becoming a new member. If you prefer to date online with the help of a smartphone, it has a mobile app. You can download it for free at Play Market or App Store. In case you want to save memory space on your device, the mobile web version is always available. It has all the same dating features in working order.

In order to use all the website features, you may want to get a subscription plan. It will upgrade your membership and increase your chances to meet Italian women.

Privacy is one of the strong sides of It cares about providing a safe environment where people can find each other to build up relationships on distance. If something has happened, you can always get in touch with the customer support department.


  • It has a large database of available members for online dating;
  • Strong measures of security and privacy protection;
  • You can enjoy online dating with your smartphone.


  • Communication can be possible only with a purchase of a subscription plan;
  • Some profiles are fakes.

How Do Pretty Italian Girls Feel About Marriage?

The number of marriages declines in the world. Italian women are very attached to their families. Most of the time, they do not move out of their parents’ home before the wedding. In many cases, however, this is also because the financial means are simply lacking to live alone. This fact also gives the parents some authority over the child. In Italy, the family comes first. Usually, several generations live under one roof. Everyone sticks together and helps each other when it comes to bringing up the children. Once the Italians have found their partner, they lovingly care for the family.

What Does An Italian Wife Expect From a Partner?

Since Italian women are very sensual and very concerned about their appearance, they expect the same from their partner. Therefore, men who do not take care of themselves, do not groom themselves or even let themselves go have no chance with the beauty and fashion-conscious women of the country. The Italians are also very happy to receive material gifts, such as beautiful jewelry. They also love to be invited to a fancy meal now and then. Of course, they also want to experience love, security, and appreciation in their relationship.

Tips on Dating Italian Women

Italian women love to spend their holidays in their own country. This is not surprising, because it offers many beautiful spots. On the beach, in a café, or the disco, it is therefore easy to meet a pretty Italian woman and flirt with her. If you like some beauty, you should smile at her and not be afraid to speak to a bride directly. Most women react to this in a very relaxed and open manner.

How Much Do Italian Brides Cost?

International dating is not an easy task. It requires you not only to find Italian girl but also to almost buy Italian lady. In the beginning, you spend money on the services to get you beloved, and then you build up relationships online. After that, trips to Italy or relocation is also not a cheap process, depending on where you live.

Where To Get Italian Brides?

Depending on the dating option you select, there are places where to find girls or even get Italian women for sale. With traditional dating, you will need to visit local public places in Spain. With dating websites, you just use the search tool to find a nice bride online. With the help of matrimonial services, it is possible to get an Italian bride for sale just by paying for services.

How Loyal Are Italian Brides?

It is true that the temper of Italian brides is hot, but in marriage and relationships, they are devoted. They prefer to marry late and only when they have found a reliable person.

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