How Many Mail-Order Marriages End In Divorce – A Comprehensive Study

Mail-order marriages are a phenomenon that has been happening for centuries, yet it is still relatively unknown to the general public. Throughout history, these marriages have been arranged between two people who may never meet in person in order to guarantee a union of wealth, social status, or political power. The practice has continued into the modern day, with some individuals utilizing mail-order brides’ services to find a foreign spouse. But what happens after the wedding? Does the relationship last, or does it end in divorce?

How Common Are Mail-Order Online Marriages?

Their number via mail-order services is difficult to estimate due to the fact that many of them are conducted in private and with minimal government or religious oversight. It is believed that approximately 4,500 mail order brides enter the U.S. each year, and most of those women come from Russia or other parts of Europe or South America. The number is even higher when you factor in relations with other countries such as Japan and China.

What Percentage Of Marriages End In Divorce?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer when it comes to divorce rates for mail order dating since there isn’t enough data available to track them accurately over time. However, studies show that overall divorce rates for all types of relationships tend to be higher than those for traditionally arranged relations (which usually involve family members). For example, according to research conducted by Pew Research Center in 2017, 40% of all first-time romantic relationships ended in divorce within ten years, while 30% of remarried spouses divorced within five years after their second relationship began.

how many mail-order marriages end in divorce

Why Do They Have Higher Divorce Rates?

There are several possible reasons why mail order marriages tend to have higher break-up rates than traditional ones. One potential reason could be the lack of premarital counseling which can help couples prepare for married life and bridge any cultural differences between them. Another major contributing factor could be language barriers if either spouse speaks very little English making it difficult for them to communicate effectively with one another. Ultimately though, many of these divorces can be attributed simply to incompatibility during a marriage – something that can happen regardless of how a couple meets and falls in love with one another.


Mail-order Internet marriages remain shrouded in mystery due to their relative scarcity compared with traditional unions, but they still exist today as an option for those seeking an unconventional path toward matrimony. While it’s impossible to tell precisely what percentage end up in break-up due to lack of data, research suggests they tend to have higher rates than typical long-term relationships – likely due largely to cultural/language differences and inadequate premarital counseling services available worldwide today. No matter how you go about finding your partner, though, make sure you enter into marriage fully prepared and aware so both parties can enjoy a long-lasting relationship built on true understanding rather than false expectations!

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