French Brides – Find Your Dream Partner from France

Radiantly beautiful women with fine facial features are typically French. The French mail order brides are not only attractive and elegant but also slim, wonderfully relaxed, and happy that many people ask themselves why this is so. Many admire the French women. Her style, charm, and elegance are tried to be copied by women all over the world.

The Beauty of Hot French Brides

The French brides inspire into old age with their esprit and charm. They also look slim and young and all of this without using expensive anti-aging creams, resorting to facial treatments or cosmetic surgery. Women love life, but also food, but the love of life is known to make you slim. They like to eat, but they pay attention to quality. You eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and want to be attractive to the partner. In addition to their dark, well-groomed hair, mostly medium-sized women, that are always dressed very smartly. In their free time, they just as often wear blouses and blazers. Attention is paid to high-quality fabrics and well-fitting clothing. The latter is neither too physical nor too short.

French bride

What Are Common Character Traits of French Women for Marriage?

At matrimonial services and dating websites, you can find profiles of French brides for marriage. However, that information French mail order wives indicate by themselves. When you start dating marvelous brides, it is better to know more about their inner world. Thus, here are some of their common traits.

Family Values

A woman from France will most likely raise her children as kindly and politely as she will herself. It can be very important for a French woman that she appears stylish, polite, and a person with high standards and quality.

Balanced & Confident

In France, the motto is that only a balanced woman can be a good mother. Women are very fond of their children, but in addition to being a mother, they also deal with other things in order to find a balance. As a result, French women are not only slimmer and sexier but also happier.

Popular Ways to Meet French Singles

Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to meet pretty French girls. Each of them has some strong and weak sides. Thus, you should consider the most suitable option according to your personal preferences. With some French wife finder tools, it can be easier to meet a wonderful wife, but they are not always free of charge.

Traditional Dating

The most common way is to meet a single woman in person. As both people can see each other and spend time together, it is very simple to develop serious and long-standing relationships. Among difficulties, you may need to visit France to find some local brides.

Dating Websites

One of the easier ways to meet French wives online is through dating websites. Such platforms aim to connect brides who want to find different kinds of relationships. There is a huge advantage in using an international dating site to meet French girl compared to a standard French dating service. The members are much more interested in moving to a foreign country and are proper features for intercultural communication. According to studies, more and more people use dating websites nowadays.

Matrimonial Services

In recent years, international marriages are more common. In case you prefer French girls for marriage, then matrimonial services are better for you. They are marriage agencies that professionally assist to find someone for serious relationships and marriage. At such places, you also create a profile and provide even more information about personal qualities. Then the representatives of matrimonial services search for a French girl for marriage who matches your preferences. Therefore, chances to develop wonderful relationships with marriage, in the end, are higher.

French Women looking for Marriage at Matrimonial Services

The number of marriages declines in the world. Therefore, each bride has a personal reason to use matrimonial services. As they do not indicate that it profiles, you need to be aware of possible scenarios. Here what a French mail order wife may expect from finding a foreigner at matrimonial services:

  • Love and family;
  • Relocation to a better place;
  • Money to have an easy life.

Popular Dating Sites to Find a French Bride

Meetic main page

Meetic is mainly oriented on serious encounters, love, and long romantic relationships with a French bride. The sorting is done from the start. After completing the registration process, you improve your personal page to receive more attention from lovely women from France.

Meetic is the only service to offer and organize offline events throughout France, perhaps activities such as dance or cooking classes, themed evenings, aperitifs, etc. On the financial side, registration is free, and it will allow you to visit profiles and receive messages and create a list of favorites. However, to communicate with other users, you will need a subscription plan.


  • Plenty of French women to meet online;
  • Helpful customer support department;
  • Nice profiles of users.


  • To send messages you need to spend money;
  • Website design could be better.

happn main page

Another popular dating app among French brides is Happn. It is a mobile application, which has various useful features. The most important is geolocation search. You can find French girl in your area by applying some filters.

To join the service, you will not spend a lot of time. After a couple of minutes, you are a newcomer who is ready to meet women from France. The next step that you should consider is to improve your personal page.

In case you will need some assistance, the customer support team is always ready to help. It is available at any time of the day. At this dating app, you do not have to pay to communicate. Only if you want some additional features, you may consider a subscription plan.


  • Possibility to communicate with others without paying;
  • Easy to find members from France;
  • Great variety of features.


  • Profile quality could be better;
  • Without paid features, it is not easy to meet someone.

Elite Rencontre

Elite Rencontre

Elite Rencontre is presented as a high-end site, which is aimed at French singles who attach great importance to social success but also the physique of their potential partners. The goal of the Elite Rencontre serious dating platform is clearly to save time for its single users. It keeps in mind that busy brides cannot devote long hours to the search for love, and they have a wonderful website to find someone to develop relationships.

Registering on Elite Rencontre only takes a moment, with a valid email address and password. It is free, and it allows you to take the personality test in order to find out who you are and which profiles are best suited to your love quest.

At this platform, members pay great attention to detail. You must therefore ensure that you offer a complete profile with beautiful photos, a well-filled description, and take the time to answer the following questions, the answers to which will be displayed on your page to provide as much information as possible to a visitor.


  • Suggested profiles that match your desires;
  • The compatibility rate is displayed.
  • Well-filled profile pages.


  • No subscription for a single month;
  • Some members are very demanding.

Tips on Dating French Women

French flirtation takes place quickly on the verbal level. The man should take the initiative by addressing the chosen one directly, giving charming compliments, and giving an irresistible smile. With charm and humor, the man can generally not go wrong because the French women are open and warm. Brides generally enjoy communicating and a lot.

Many brides also insist on their language. Therefore, it is helpful to know some flirtatious lines in French. If they are addressed in German or English, they sometimes react stubbornly and ignore it completely.

If you are visiting France as a single, you should keep the following important points in mind so that you do not go home without an exciting flirtation and new, nice acquaintances. Here are the 5 best tips:

  • The eyes eat too. France is not only the land of love but also the land of fashion. Choose clothes that fit your type and that you feel comfortable in.
  • Go to a cafe. Enjoy the time in a nice café, and if the weather permits, you can also enjoy the outdoors. A delicious coffee, plus a baguette for lunch. Use a positive and open posture to invite brides to sit down with you. If you want, you can put a newspaper or a book on the table – this often makes it easier to make contact. The brides from France are open and communicative – take advantage of this!
  • Confidence is sexy. Women from France like open men and quickly get involved in a nice chat and a flirt. You are welcome to break the ice by asking for directions. In a café, you can also start nice small talk – whether with the waiter about the delicious food and the great ambiance or with the person sitting next to you about sights. If you cannot find a starting point, be brave and just pay a compliment!
  • Use and pay attention to body language. French brides are not shy. As a greeting and goodbye, kisses on the cheek and hugs are completely natural. Just as physically, they flirt accordingly. Whether shoulder, arm, knee – women are haptic and like to touch what they desire.
  • Gentlemen-like. You hold the door open, offer the bride an arm; if it rains or gets cold, you hand the jacket without being asked. Use these gestures and respond to these courtesies – even if it almost seems natural, brides from France are happy to receive nice compliments.

Is It Possible to Buy French Lady?

When you use matrimonial services or dating websites, you may need to pay for services. As they offer you profiles of beautiful mail order brides, it may look like you get a French bride for sale. In fact, buying a person is illegal.

Are There French Women for Sale at Matrimonial Services?

At marriage agencies, you can find plenty of beautiful French women. The service representatives always provide you with information about available brides and can even show you their personal pages.

What is The Difference between Matrimonial Services and Dating Websites?

The main difference between dating websites and matrimonial services is the way to search for a French wife. Dating apps just dive you tools to find and develop relationships with singles. Matrimonial services perform the searching step instead of you. It saves your time, and you have several candidates for relationships.

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