European vs American Women – Difference In Women’s Personality

Europeans and Americans have completely different cultures, preferences, and very mentality. If you look at modern statistics, you might get the impression that in America, the girls are all such very bright makeup in the Kardashian style. Perfectly stretched or styled hair and always fashionable clothes are constantly met on the streets.

But you yourself know what the Internet is and what real life is. Many Insta photos are indicative and do not at all reflect the real life of a person. We are going to talk today about the principal differences between European and American women.

American women

Amateur Preferences


The everyday clothes of the American woman do not differ in any special chic. They are more practical than fashionable. American girls rarely dress up to meet up with friends or go shopping.

In the mall, American women are often dressed in comfortable, simple clothes and shoes. For example, Russian girls love to dress up. Pay attention to the girls in the malls. If before you did not notice, then very many with such a parade that not everyone dresses up like this for a holiday.

American women have a simpler attitude towards clothes. They are calmer towards brands, although it cannot be said that they do not like branded things. There is simply no massive fanaticism. Many European girls praise brands creating a cult following.


It is rare to see a girl in America running on business in heels. There is a complete preference for comfortable shoes with a flat sole. Heels are available but mostly for going out.

Slavic girls in high heels manage to almost conquer the world. They prefer bright shoes for business and work and a walk in the evening. Europeans are very fond of heels. Recently in Russia, there has also been a certain revolution in consciousness. You can see more and more girls in comfortable shoes, although in general, they wear heels more often and more than American women.


European girls visit nail masters and also do manicures at home. Moreover, we are now talking about a full-fledged manicure. Real women are not afraid of difficulties. They love beautiful nails and conquer the heights of manicure. American women do not bother so much. They do not have so many self-taught people because they are not so keen on a manicure.

As for the design of nails, the picture is the same. But many Russian girls like complex designs and are constantly trying something new with various interesting solutions. It’s easier for American women. More often, it is some kind of monochromatic coating or no manicure at all.


Many people get the impression that American girls have a lot of cosmetics. In fact, American women treat makeup easier. They can afford not only to go to the nearest store without a drop of cosmetics. Also, it is normal to go to work and on business every day. If they have makeup, then more often, it is the very minimum.

In European countries, girls love to do makeup and do not deny themselves this pleasure. Even in the morning, in the subway car, you can see a girl with perfect arrows and cherry lips.


Only Russian girls can get up a few hours earlier to have time to put on makeup, as well as wash and style their hair. In America, girls pay less attention to hairstyling. These are all kinds of messy ponytails for a quick hand, loose hair of medium length without any styling. In Europe, many girls grow their hair long, spending a lot of time, attention, and money. In America, there are several times fewer such long-haired girls.

european women

American Girls: What Are They Really Like?

Very often, you can hear that American girls are in many ways inferior to Europeans who are famous for their beauty all over the world. But if the opinions of men to the fair sex, both from Europe and from the United States, have long been known, then the attitude of lovely European women to independent American women often remains a mystery.

Early Growing

Many old American teen movies are more often true. The main plots are usually teenage sexual intercourse. Consequently, in the States, young girls over the age of 13 usually stop playing with toys moving further to adult fun.

In the United States, no one may judge another for any dirty deeds. This is a liberal society, and every American is free to do as one sees fit. American girls are taught from birth the canons of liberalism and feminism. Perhaps that is why American girls do not hide their personal life and openly show it to the public.

The origins of feminism are to blame for the fact that modern American girls do not care about their appearance at all. They believe that all people should accept them as they are. Even without stunning makeup and a new hairstyle, in shapeless, untidy clothes and with no manicure on delicate hands.

If in the United States you see a stylishly dressed single lady right on the street, then there is a huge percentage of the probability that she comes from a European country. Slavic girls are the most beautiful babies. This is because they are not too lazy to take care of themselves on a regular basis. Every morning they wash their hair, put on makeup, go to the gym, and more. The American idea of ​​a lack of templates is undoubtedly worthy of respect. However, many people get it wrong and run not only their appearance but also their health.

Oftentimes, sports, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle are not held in high esteem by American women. A striking contrast is created with Europeans. With Asian women, the situation is simply catastrophic. In China, there is a cult of health. Chinese women living in the States (even at an advanced age) are involved in various kinds of sport, prefer to drink green tea, and do not welcome bad habits in any form.

Requirements for Men

American women usually get married after 30 years. Many Russian girls have a lot to learn from them. There is some kind of unhealthy cult of marriage in Russia. If a Slavic girl at the age of 25 is not yet married, then the grandmothers at the entrance shake their heads disapprovingly, and the parents begin to lament about their grandchildren. It does not at all matter if the sweetheart is suitable. All is just to acquire the cherished status of a married woman.

The approach of American women is much more practical and judicious. In their opinion, it is better to start a family at a mature, conscious age, with the necessary material wealth and a stable source of income as well.


Often this “benevolence” borders on American hypocrisy. Local women can smile very sweetly in the face of a person who they cannot stand. Moreover, this is obvious among best friends.

In the European mentality, everything is much simpler. Among the Slavs, all their feelings are often immediately written on their faces. They will never smile at a person they dislike.


Most American women are surprised and clutch their heads when someone starts eating meat in their presence. The cult of veganism is so widespread within the USA. You can find some intriguing posters on the relevant topic. Others try to impose this idea on those who prefer to eat meat.


The strong desire to stay independent and the disreputable “equality of the sexes” is simply off the scale in the United States. There are absurd cases when a serious scandal with accusations of sexism could break out. A friendly hand on the shoulder can be even perceived as violence. Accordingly, it is quite logical why most local men are tired of their extremely independent companions. They feel more relaxed in a less feminized society.


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