Finding Your Perfect Soulmate with Bulgarian Mail Order Brides

Many (especially those who have never been to Bulgaria) are interested in what the Bulgarians look like, and especially the Bulgarian mail-order brides. It is quite difficult to bring the appearance of all representatives of one nation to a common denominator. But still, this article describes some of the features of appearance that are characteristic of local girls. All the grinders look different, and none of them look like an average portrait. But if you look at the crowd of grinders, then most likely, eight out of ten girls will have at least one of the described signs, and, say, 40% will have at least two signs.

Bulgarian bride

Growth and Physique

Grinders are usually short. The average height of a Bulgarian mail-order brides here is 1.63-1.64 meters. But the fact remains that more often girls are of small stature. The physique is often fragile. Narrow shoulders, graceful wrists, and ankles. Corpulent ladies, of course, meet, but more often all the same among gypsies and Turkish women, who seem more inclined to be overweight. The grinders are lean and tiny, and they retain this figure until adulthood. About 50 years old female figures begin to change as a result of hormonal changes, and here it’s already how lucky. And before that, slender ladies prevail for sure, despite the love of fast food. Breast augmentation surgery in Bulgaria is really very popular.

Another feature is not so easy to change. If you put a Bulgarian and, say, a Scandinavian girl next to you, you will see that Bulgarian mail-order brides have shorter legs in relation to the body. This is especially noticeable in the summer when there are many tourists from other countries on the streets of Bulgarian cities. A little such feature is hidden with the help of high heels. However, modern fashion does not consider short legs such a drawback: current styles only emphasize this feature.

Hair and Face

Bulgarian women have magnificent hair. Thick, long, straight, or wavy. By age, hair can become thinner, but often in older Bulgarian wives, they are thick and beautiful. Most often, strands are dark, but blondes also occur (not the fact that natural ones). Bright eyes are exotic for Bulgaria, gray-and green-eyed girls are many here, although brown eyes, of course, are more common. But fair skin is a rarity. It is so rare that to find, say, a light foundation in an ordinary Bulgarian store is not an easy task. Girls sunbathe easily, therefore, they use little sunscreen.

You can often hear that the Bulgarian mail-order brides are Slavs. The Bulgarians themselves do not consider themselves Slavs, although their language is included in the corresponding group. It is enough to look at the Bulgarians to agree with this. There is no Slavic gentleness and vagueness in their faces. The features are large and quite sharp. Faces are often narrow, cheekbones are pronounced, eyes are also narrow, size can vary, chins are hard, noses are large. Chubby – a rarity. The lips are usually narrow by nature, but many have successfully corrected this by injection. The description may seem intimidating, but it’s really okay. Sharpness does not necessarily mean rudeness, rather a clarity, certainty. Nowadays, this type of appearance is in fashion.

Often, Bulgarian women for marriage look older than their age – at least judging by the condition of their skin. Smoking affects this way or neglect of protection from the sun, it is difficult to say, but usually, in girls older than 30-35 years old, the skin is quite dry and with pronounced wrinkles. But, of course, much depends on self-care, genetics, and lifestyle.

Tuning is popular. Injections, it seems, are not very carried away, although, over time, many eyes acquire a characteristic slanting, and the forehead – a characteristic shine. But to increase the volume of the lips and build up the cilia is sacred. And in the latter case, often the Bulgarian mail-order brides for marriage do not know any measure, eyelashes are clearly visible from the back.

Adhere to Traditional Concepts of Femininity

And this despite the fact that many define Bulgarian society as a matriarchy. Women for marriage are demanding, active, more active, aggressive, tough than men. They want money from their men. By no means feminists.

7 Ways to Meet a Bulgarian Single Woman

  • It is no secret that the problem of dating Bulgarian mail order brides from the stronger sex is relevant. Modern Bulgarian singles,  ladies for marriage are independent, purposeful, do not pay attention to standard compliments, do not answer trivial questions. In addition, you need to consider the purpose of dating, so as not to waste your charm and experience in vain. There are several dating methods that you can use based on your own characteristics and requirements.
  • Acquaintance by acquaintance. Ideal for modest young people who can not decide on their own to communicate with a Bulgarian mail order bride. If your passion already communicates with your friends, relatives, colleagues, arrange a random acquaintance. Just come when she will talk with your friends. They will have to introduce you to each other. Try to show with looks, words that the Bulgarian bride interests you. The bride will catch your vibes. What to do next, understand by catching the reaction of the bride for marriage.
  • Acquaintance by interests. People for marriage with common interests get to know each other faster. If Bulgarian wife is attending the same training room, skydiving club, photo studio, foreign language club like you, it will not be difficult to find a common language. If you don’t know what your chosen one for marriage prefers, you will have to study literature, Internet sites, enroll in the same circle so there is something to talk about.
  • Original compliment. A speedy dating method requires a creative approach. If you want to meet a Bulgarian bride for marriage on the street, in public transport, be prepared for certain difficulties. Standard tricks are rare. Try to be original, unpredictable, discourage, find the main thing that distinguishes this Bulgarian mail order bride, and mark it.
  • The general problem. You can get acquainted with a Bulgarian mail order bride who is studying with you during preparation for the session, offset, provided notes.
  • Acquaintance for life. If you want to get acquainted so that the Bulgarian mail order bride becomes your companion for life, do not look for any methods. You will immediately realize this is your fate. The main thing is not to back down and look after your chosen one for marriage not intrusively, revealing your feelings, applying non-standard solutions.
  • You can get acquainted with beautiful Bulgarian women thanks to the Internet. Dating sites give you the opportunity to quickly meet with the Bulgarian mail order brides at any time of the day or night. The functionality of sites for marriage is different, as are the types of sites. You can choose any site convenient for you thanks to the ratings.

Bulgarian woman

How to Win the Attention of Bulgarian Mail Order Brides?

Sympathy, affection, love are such tender and bright feelings that everyone experiences especially violently in his youth, when blood boils with life, there is the wind in my head, and the whole world is around. But how to make sympathy mutual, so that the Bulgarian mail order bride you love answers the same? After all, it is so important to love and be loved. In fact, everything is not so complicated. There are some secrets, knowing which you can attract the attention of any girl.

Firstly, it is no secret that every Bulgarian mail order bride will pay attention to her face because beautiful guys for marriage are always a tidbit for any bride. And here we are talking not so much about the correct and impeccable features, but about grooming. Without clean skin, a suitable hairstyle, your chances are equal to zero, even if you have the appearance of Apollo himself.

You also need to monitor the condition of your hands. Many pretty Bulgarian girls turn their attention primarily to the hands of a guy for marriage. This does not mean that you should do a manicure every week, but you must monitor the cleanliness and length of the nails, the condition of the skin. Hands should be smooth not only for the bride, for a guy it is no less important.

Secondly, the figure is also important. You need to constantly engage in your body because it is you who are its sculptor. The pumped-up muscles of the arms, legs, cubes instead of the round abdomen are strong evidence that the Bulgarian women for marriage should pay attention to you.

The next touch is clothing, a very important point, stylish guys for marriage will always be in fashion, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, because man does not need too much chic. If everything is clear with the visual image, then with regard to character, it will be more complicated. There are three keywords – confidence, humor, intelligence. 

As for the sense of humor, then if it is, then this is a big plus, be witty, funny, and then you can win the heart of your bride. But if such a concept as humor has run far from you, then do not try to show what is not there, it is better to be serious than to seem stupid. Try to talk to Bulgarian girls for marriage about smart things, tell something interesting, Bulgarian brides are often crazy about intellectuals.

And, perhaps most importantly, be a gentleman. They lie that they say it’s not fashionable anymore. The girl for marriage will always be pleased when someone is courting her: they will open the door, give a hand, give a flower, and help take off her coat.

How to Date Bulgarian Women Without Risk?

There are two types of Bulgarian wife finder dating sites: paid and free. It’s not necessary to think that if the site is paid, then only the elite gathered there, this is not so. People are usually the same. Moreover, if you register on different sites, you may soon find that your profile is also there where you did not apply. It’s simple, these small sites are part of one large system.

Let’s start by filling out your profile. Try to answer all the blocks about yourself. Put a real photo, not five years ago. This will help Bulgarian mail order brides to evaluate you and, if you don’t like it, just do not start communication. Do not sit in the expectation that they will contact you, look at the profiles yourself, and choose. Pay attention to what Bulgarian mail order brides write in the questionnaire. If there are two words, then in life she is not particularly talkative. So if there is a lot of vulgar, decide for yourself whether this is what you are looking for. If there is no photo, this does not always mean that bride for marriage is ugly. Maybe the status is not supposed to glow. These usually agree to send the photo by email. If not, give up communication.

It is better to find out the purpose of dating a girl in the early stages of communication. Avoid annoying Bulgarian mail-order brides if she requires constant attention to herself, a report of what you do, where you were. This is a type of jealousy. Immediately requires a meeting, phone number. This is the type of child. Are you ready to fulfill his whims? First, chat with her for at least a couple of days. So, you are still going on a first date. Choose a crowded place, not late in the evening, be sure to make money with you (by taxi to home, food in a restaurant).

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