Are Mail Order Spouses Illegal? A Comprehensive Guide

People are increasingly turning to online dating apps and websites to find their perfect spouse. But are they legally allowed to obtain a wife or husband through a mail order service?

What is Mail Order Matrimony?

mail-order matrimony is a type of matchmaking service that allows people to connect with potential spouses from all around the world. These services usually involve long-distance relationships, as it’s difficult for people living in different countries to meet one another and get acquainted. The goal of these services is usually marriage, though they can also be used simply to form friendships or romantic relationships.

Can You Legally Purchase a Wife Overseas?

The short answer is no – it’s not legal to purchase a wife from overseas. While some online services may offer “brides” on sale, these women are not actually being sold; instead, these services are meant to facilitate contact between two consenting adults who have chosen to enter into a relationship. It’s important not to confuse mail-order matrimony with human trafficking, which is illegal and exploitative of vulnerable people.

are mail order spouse illegal

Is Such a Type of Service Regulated in Any Way?

Yes – mail-order dating services must follow certain regulations in order to remain in operation. Most of these regulations exist at the national level, meaning each country has its own laws surrounding mail-order marriage. In the United States, i.e., most such services must comply with the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act (IMBRA).

Federal law requires all potential spouses to undergo background checks and provide information about any past criminal behavior before they can be matched with someone else through an online service. Additionally, IMBRA also requires potential spouses who wish to marry an American citizen living abroad to receive special permission from the U.S. government before returning home together.

What Rights Do Partners Who Met Through Mail-Order Matrimony Have?

Once two individuals decide upon entering into marriage or a committed relationship after meeting through a mail-order relationship service, those rights should be respected just like any other married couple or committed partners around the world and have their rights respected by society and by law enforcement agencies when necessary.

Ultimately, partners who met through mail-order marriage do not face any additional legal barriers or difficulties than any other couple would when it comes to marriage or committing themselves emotionally and financially in an intimate life partnership regardless of how they were united originally in love or affection towards one another; quite simply put both parties should enjoy equal rights under law if applicable at all times even after becoming intimately involved as common-law married couples over time within any jurisdiction worldwide as it constitutes true justice for all couples alike regardless of origin story on how they came together originally over time once lawfully married starting without exception from then onwards from scratch just like any other regular married couples across all nations worldwide without exception whatsoever at least openly speaking whether anyone likes it or not no matter what period in history we happen currently viewing during our lifetime here today aside from historical context itself which still remains evident somewhere either way despite our best intentions when possible under such circumstances pertaining overall here regardless moving onto our conclusion section now taken altogether here now accordingly.

Legality of Mail Order Spouses

Conclusion on Mail-Order Spouse Imports

It’s clear while mail-order matrimony offers many people new opportunities for finding love and companionship outside their own local area, there are still many laws in place designed to protect potential spouses’ safety and well-being before they make any sort of life-altering commitment with one another.

As such, it’s important that those interested in mail-order matrimonial services understand all applicable laws and regulations before embarking on the journey so they can ensure everyone remains safe throughout their journey together in the long run as far as legally accepted frameworks permit accordingly when done correctly based off ethical standards governing same throughout various jurisdictions worldwide without fail depending primarily upon however respective local rule-sets dictate pertaining same responding per contextually accurate facts facing same properly nowadays too where necessarily available also weighed evenly against relevant details correctly whenever possible too so overall viewed realistically speaking/not taken lightly at all whatever direction chosen eventually moving forward responsibly where applicable always no matter what debating circumstances dictate overtime regularly either way ultimately considered objectively mindedly speaking taken altogether factoring always surefire responsibly when done correctly presumed naturally speaking anyways following best intentions creating whatever end result desired seemingly accurately speaking beforehand whenever required always intent.

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