American Women vs British Women

There are many differences between the British and the Americans. But none of them hurts the eye more than the fact that British women do not take care of themselves at all. Why do girls from the United States spend huge sums on their appearance while English don’t? British females do know how to choose suitable clothes, do sports or visit a beauty salon. Journalists who regularly visit both the United States and the United Kingdom conducted their own investigation. They identified the main differences between these two graceful nations.

Beauty Is Not Important For British Ladies

Girls from Great Britain occupy almost the first place in the world in terms of natural beauty. But it comes only at the age of 17-18. Shiny hair, flawless skin, charming eyes, and a slender figure disappear without a trace in just a few years. English females look great as long as they do take maximum effort. However, then they either lose interest in their own appearance or become too lazy, hoping that they will still find happiness.

British women

American Principles of Self Change

Most American ladies roughly a few hundred dollars a month on their looks. This amount includes haircuts and highlights, manicures, pedicures, epilation, solarium, cosmetics, face masks, teeth whitening, etc. They allocate another thousand dollars a month on caring for the body: fitness, aerobics, yoga, and other similar joys. American beauties regard such expenses as an obvious and reasonable investment in their own future.

It Doesn’t Matter How Much They Spend

The average British girl spends at least £700 on her looks over the course of a year. Why did it happen that British women devote so little time and effort to their beauty? The parents are partly to blame. In the US, going to a beauty salon is an important part of growing up. For girls, going to the salon is a reason to get together with the whole company, gossip, learn the news. In British beauty salons, girls sit in silence, buried in magazines, and do not speak to strangers.

Female Friendship With Different Views

Beauty salon services in England are significantly more expensive. But the main catch is that in the UK, singles don’t help each other. Americans do not hesitate to tell their friends in plain text that they look terrible (if this is really so). They talk about the best stylists as if about Nobel laureates. In the UK, women are too polite to put their girlfriends on the right path.

British Courage

As a result, English ladies are trying to fix something themselves like men do. No matter how confused they are, they refuse to resort to the help of professionals. British are convinced that it is a shame to be concerned about their appearance. At the same time, there is the only aspect of appearance that they are just obsessed with: their passion for shoes.

Perfect Appearance With No Communication Skills

American women have a lot to learn from British women. Being fixated on appearance, they do not work on communication skills. A few minutes after meeting an American woman, you will surely find out how much she earns and when the last time she visited a doctor.

In return, she immediately wants to know everything about you. Namely, how much do you earn, how much you earned before, how much you can earn in the future, do you have real estate, do you have stocks, which shops do you go to, where do you go on vacation, what car do you drive and how big is your parents’ house.

American women are generally too serious about themselves and terribly annoying with their love to argue. In addition, they are convinced that the best way to prove their equality with a man is to sleep with him.

Beauty In Simplicity

There are no ideal people. The men destined to date women are also far from ideal. British women are undoubtedly the best when you feel like drinking beer and laughing. They are the most independent, easy-going, and persistent. It is wonderful to be not obsessed with appearance and not compete with each other out of a sense of insecurity. But when it comes to the first impression, they still think about their appearance.

American Women Know What They Want

American women always know what they want. The British are less likely to be that specific. Americans prefer variety. Local ladies love to see several men at the same time while remaining free and independent. There is no problem with this until the couple becomes exclusive. The British women are different. They remain conservative and consistent in relationships.

American women are always fairly pleasant. They are similar to apricots: soft on the outside and hard being inside. Often we talk about our feelings all the time. Therefore, transparency is considered the first rule of friendship. British girls are more reserved. After all, American women need an equal partner in every sense of the word.

Good morning, Country!

Americans usually start their day with a cup of coffee or something fancier with whipped milk and syrup. They drink millions of cups a day. The British start their day with tea. Unlike few American tea drinkers, British female tea lovers add milk to their drinks.

While Americans may argue about the relative merits of lattes and cappuccino, British people argue about whether to add milk before or after tea and whether to brew the tea in a teapot or in a mug.

Some British women get upset if milk is added in the wrong order. While Britain may not have an elaborate tea ceremony, there is no afternoon tea tradition. It is also served with tiny sandwiches filled with cream and jam.

Matter of Money

American ladies think they don’t like talking about money. But compared to the British, they are big talkers! British women never discuss how much they make, even with close friends and family. Britons are not only shy about borrowing money from friends, but also shy about lending money, as well as asking them to return it if they are not returned on time.

People who have a lot of money usually behave as if they do not have it, and those who do not have it as if they have a lot of it. No one wants to name a specific amount that lies in the bank account. A large percentage of American beauties believe that it is perfectly normal for people to make as much money as they can.

British women rarely admit to being rich, usually describing themselves as “wealthy” or “not hungry.” It’s okay to make money if you never talk about it and never spend it. If the British spend them, then not too demonstratively.

Home, Sweet Home

They say that a British house is their family castle. While rural people in America live in houses, many city ladies live in apartments. There are surprisingly few apartments in Britain, even in large cities. The British prefer not to share amenities with their neighbors and dislike shared living spaces. For example, if they have to share a garden, they usually divide it into small private gardens and put a large fence between them.

Conducting a Polite Talk

Neither America nor Britain has a monopoly on politeness. These countries have slightly different ways of displaying it. American women prefer people to feel welcome and relaxed, while British girls prefer something more formal. They say “please” and “thank you”, but they are unlikely to wish you a good day. They may ask how you are doing, but only if you don’t tell them anything. You are asked for the information but not to find out how things really are.

American women tend to call things by their proper names. British people are famous for their evasiveness. If a British woman says something “good”, then she hates it, and the words “it is probably my fault” actually mean “it is your fault.” It is quite difficult to figure this out. If you try to clarify something, the Briton will most likely pretend more and insist that it was her fault. Finally, if someone says, “You have to come to dinner,” it does not mean “come to dinner on Friday” or even “come to dinner soon”. It means: “Goodbye”.

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